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KASARAGOD: Four senior scientists from the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) in Chennai landed in Kasaragod in search of a high-end weather observation buoy that went missing on the high seas in July.

Scientists said the buoy was one of 12 next-generation OMNIs (ocean-moored buoys in the northern Indian Ocean) and was anchored north of Lakshadweep. “The last time we got a signal from the buoy was in July. The buoy’s anchor cable to the seabed may have broken and his gadget has drifted,” an official said.

Scientists reached Kasaragod after three videos of the buoy surfaced on Facebook on October 7. The videos showed fishermen sitting on the buoy and making crazy guesses about what it might be.

A Yoonas Sahib from Tanur in Malappuram uploaded a video with the comment: “The sea is not what you see from the shore. If you want to know the sea, you have to really go deep.”

In the video, four fishermen were perched on top of the yellow buoy and one of them mimicked the YouTubers E Bull Jet. “Guys see what we have guys. It has solar power, it was taken by a boat, guys,” said one fisherman.

One Nandu had a comment below the video: “Guys, the case has reached Delhi, Guyzzz.”

In the second video, another fisherman says, “We found him in the sea. He has five solar panels. He also has some awesome gadgets. Looks like he belongs to the Navy. But whatever it is, we got fish following him. “

In the third video of the buoy posted by an Ismayil ‘Newbeach’ on Facebook, a fisherman says, “It’s something that floats in the sea. We don’t know what it is. electronic gadgets. It’s off Parappanangadi (in Malappuram). “

The videos, while hilarious, gave vital clues to the location of the buoy. “They may have climbed on it out of curiosity. But the videos placed the buoy somewhere between Malappuram and Kasaragod,” an official said.

NIOT scientists have enlisted the help of the Coastal Police in locating the gadget. “The protective cover and the mast with sensors in the buoy system are found missing in the video,” the four scientists wrote to the coastal police.

According to the NIOT website, OMNI buoys are equipped with high-tech sensors to measure ocean currents, conductivity, temperature up to 500m depth, solar radiation, precipitation and transmit real-time data to the Indian National Center for Ocean Information Services. (INCOIS).

In addition, as the buoys are retrieved from the location, high resolution data from the buoy system hard drive is also provided to INCOIS.

The buoy systems alert scientists to impending storms and cyclones brewing in the sea. Data is also provided to the National Weather Forecast Center and the Regional Cyclone Warning Center to enable monitoring and escalation of storms. cyclones. “We are not leaving without the buoy,” said an official.


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