FEMA to test nationwide emergency alert system on Wednesday – NBC New York

Don’t worry, this is just a test.

The sound alerts emitted by your electronic devices on Wednesday are not of concern.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency will conduct a nationwide test of its emergency alert system on August 11, sending messages to televisions, radios and some cell phones.

The Emergency Alert System, or EAS, test will take place at 2:20 p.m. ET / 11:20 a.m. PT. EAS tests will be sent to televisions and radios. The Wireless Emergency Alert Test, or WEA, will be broadcast at the same time to cellular consumers who have chosen to receive test messages.

The EAS test will consist of a high-pitched tone followed by a message that begins with a warning that “This is a test”. The WEA notification sent to cell phones will say, “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is necessary. ”It will also have a unique tone and vibration.

The federal government periodically tests its emergency alert system to make sure it is working properly and to identify needed improvements. The emergency system typically sends alerts of extreme weather events, local emergencies requiring evacuation or immediate action, Amber Alerts, and Presidential Alerts during a national emergency.

“The test aims to ensure that public safety officials have the methods and systems that will provide urgent alerts and warnings to the public in the event of an emergency or disaster,” according to a FEMA press release.

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