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Do you remember Hi5? This social network born in 2003 that many users used to post their favorite photos, well, it was basically the dynamic, something similar to what Instagram is today, however, Hi5 had the ability to see who visited your profile. On this occasion, we will teach you a very simple trick where you can discover the people who have consulted your profile. Facebook social networking site. could it be possible?

Facebook social networking site It’s the biggest social network ever, and it’s commonly used to post articles like: news, photos, statuses, etc. You can also chat and watch videos or live broadcasts, in short, it is a completely complete application. There is something that Mark Zuckerberg has not added yet, we are referring to the tool that allows you to see who has entered your profile.

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the low tower It is very easy to get to know the users of the social network of Facebook social networking site They’ve been browsing your profile, whether it’s contacts you’ve added or not. It is important to note that in order to perform this procedure it will not be necessary to install any additional software on your PC or laptop.

How do I know who has visited my Facebook profile?

  • First, go to Facebook social networking site From a computer or laptop.
  • Now go to your profile and press F12 or Ctrl + U.
  • A tab containing the Facebook HTML code will automatically open.
  • The next step is to press Ctrl + F, type the following: Buddy_ID and press Enter.
  • After that, the different icons will be highlighted in red.
  • Between these icons you will see the word Buddy_ID and next to it is a multi-digit number. You have to copy the latter and in a new tab type the following: Facebook.com/ (and paste the code).
  • Press Enter to navigate to the profile that visited your profile.

While this tip won’t reveal the date and time the user viewed your profile, it’s very interesting data so you know who knows what you’re posting. The method is 100% secure and does not violate any type of data or personal information.

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