Exclusive: How the officer in charge of Enugu prison is leading the cartel against smuggling bags of cannabis, alcohol and cellphones for inmates

A SaharaReporters investigation has revealed how corrupt and criminal activity has long been going on at the maximum security detention center in Enugu State.

Led by the officer in charge of the center, Assistant Comptroller of Corrections, Madumere Felix Chinedu, junior and senior prison officials together run a notorious cartel that smuggles several prohibited items, especially hard drugs into the facility for detained.

SaharaReporters discovered that three trucks full of cannabis, alcohol, cell phones and other banned substances were smuggled into the facility on March 14, 2022 for use by inmates under the watchful eye of Chinedu.

In return, the officer in charge and other members of the cartel reaped a decent amount of money and many other benefits from the success of the “operation”.

Although such activities have been going on at Enugu Detention Center for some time, SaharaReporters has learned that they have become full-fledged and spiraling out of control since September 2021, when Chinedu was posted there as head of the prison. ‘establishment.

It was learned that he presided over and coordinated all the smuggling of prohibited items into the center for inmates against the rules of the civil service.

“The smuggling of prohibited items is now a norm at Enugu Detention Centre. The smuggling of items such as Cannabis Sativa, alcohol and other intoxicants into prison for inmates is mostly done by the base which acts under the instructions and directives of the senior officers of the detention center.

“The frequency of this act has increased since the new official was transferred to the detention center in September 2021.

“The new Officer in Charge of Enugu Detention Center during his first term of administration initially behaved like a saint in the face of the negative activities taking place in the prison.

“After a few months in charge of the facility, he conspired with inmates and other senior officers to smuggle prohibited items into the facility in three trucks for sale.

“He went so far as to bribe senior intelligence officers from the detention center, all the way to national headquarters,” said a source within the facility, who confirmed SaharaReporters’ findings.

Other findings from our correspondent revealed how the DCC Chinedu wields its power in the Enugu detention center, implicating and bringing into the crosshairs prison officials, who attempt to outsmart it by smuggling items prohibited in the establishment for prisoners.

An example is that of a junior officer, Assistant Inspector of Corrections, Ifeoma Osmond, who was on March 18, 2022, implicated by the DCC Chinedu for trafficking hard drugs and subsequently arrested by the National Countermeasures Agency. Drugs.

SaharaReporters reliably gathered that Osmond is one of Chinedu’s most trusted lieutenants in the illicit contraband trade at Enugu prison, but the officer in charge felt threatened by his rising profile, d ‘where the plot to entrap him and keep him out of the way during the arrest.

“The recent act of smuggling that occurred at Enugu Prison where a civil servant who works for the officer in charge of bringing smuggling trucks into the place was accused by the same person of attempting to smuggle in the rest of Cannabis Sativa that they brought in a few days before this time.

“He was set up, arrested and transferred to the NDLEA without trial at departmental level which is the right thing to do as a regimental agency.

“The officer in charge of the Enugu detention center and his lieutenants are the ones who should be investigated by the NDLEA, not the AIC Ifeoma Osmond, whom they accused and used as a sacrificial lamb for the wrong they are doing to the place,” another source told the correctional center.

It was further discovered that a large volume of hard drugs and other intoxicants were hidden in the correctional facility by members of the cartel run by DCC Chinedu to be sold to inmates.

SaharaReporters has learned that at least 2,000 cell phones are in the hands of detainees, which is illegal.

An investigation by SaharaReporters into DCC Chinedu’s profile revealed how the officer in charge of Enugu Detention Center used to break the law at every command of the service he previously served in.

For example, it was discovered that he was known to smuggle inmate prohibited items while serving at Warri Correctional Center in Delta State.

Apart from selling hard drugs to inmates, he was also found to have other shady dealings with them, causing authorities to transfer him to a correctional facility in Edo State where he continued his illicit trade. .

In September 2021, he was transferred to Enugu to run the correctional center after allegedly leveraging his networks within the Nigerian Corrections Service criminal cartel to make it happen.

In his current position, DCC Chinedu is known to serve the interests of inmates in return for huge financial compensation.

Confronted by SaharaReporters with the findings, Nigerian Correctional Service spokesman Francis Enabore denied DCC Chinedu’s involvement in drug trafficking at Enugu Detention Centre.

He instead accused AIC Ifeoma and others of smuggling illicit substances into the prison facility for inmates.

“It is completely untrue that the DCC was working with the man.

“With the information we have, he did not implicate the officer in question.

“It was the discipline within the agency that led to the arrest of AIC Ifeoma. He was not arrested by the NDLEA, he was arrested by our officer and handed over to the NDLEA,” Enabore said.

Despite the NCS spokesperson’s defense, checks by SaharaReporters with senior agency officers and even a handful of detainees indicated that DCC Chinedu is indeed the mastermind behind the hard and soft drug smuggling cartel. other banned substances for use by inmates at Enugu Maximum Security Detention Centre.

WhatsApp%20Image%202022 03 22%20at%207.09.01%20PM%20%281%29 |  Exclusive: How the Officer in Charge of Enugu Prison Runs the Cartel Smuggling Bags of Cannabis, Alcohol and Mobile Phones for Inmates |  news from paradise

IMG 20220322 WA0021%20%281%29 |  Exclusive: How the Officer in Charge of Enugu Prison Runs the Cartel Smuggling Bags of Cannabis, Alcohol and Mobile Phones for Inmates |  news from paradise

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