Enter the tax office via cell phones to get “cute” receipts for a fee!

The possibility for consumers to nail the professionals who issue “cute” receipts to the Tax Agency will soon be given by the AADE, via a special application available on the Play Store and the App Store and will be installed on smartphones. . mobile phones.

For those who complain about cases that turn out to be really hidden. tax evasion, it will be provided tax reduction bonus or participation in a lottery with large sums of money.

By decision of the AADE it will be carried out competetion to build an application aimed at digital proof of application Retail.

The application will integrate the function scan the qr code, it will display the results and, in case of any indication of violation, it will allow the user to send the relevant information to the AADE

The application will be distributed by online stores Google play (Android) and App store (iOS). The functional characteristics of the application will be as follows:

  1. Retail receipt QR code scanning mechanism.
  2. Automatic submission of a query to the corresponding database of Φ.Η.Μ.
  3. Visualize the result in an understandable and easy way.
  4. Possibility of photographing the receipt after a result with indications of counterfeiting.
  5. Sending of the receipt (basic data, photo, control result in the database) and possibly the user’s geographical location (georeference) in the AADE information reception and management system
  6. Possibility of sending information, either by prior identification of the user (with taxisnet codes), or anonymously.
  7. Possibility of viewing informative messages.
  8. Operating environment in Greek and English.
  9. Emission of statistics to monitor the use of the application
  10. Works on Android and iOS operating systems.
  11. A common visual part of the application will be common to all platforms, so as not to create confusion, and will follow the AADE visual identity guide (logo, colors, etc.).
  12. Possibility of updates.
  13. Improved user-friendliness. Clear and easy to use navigation in the different sections of the application.

What violations will it detect?

The minimum possible indications of infringement are as follows:

  • The receipt was not sent.
  • The receipt was sent with different details.
  • .Η.Μ. not registered or inactive
  • .Η.Μ. It is recorded with other commercial data (TIN, address).


Several stores already issue receipts with QR Code, which the consumer who will receive the receipt, can scan the QR code, using the AADE application.

The app will be updated Taxi network for the content of the receipt, then it will check if the specific receipt has been entered in the Company Owner MyData Receipt.

If you are registered in My data the employer has no problem. However, if it turns out that such proof does not exist in MyData, it means that the specific entrepreneur issues receipts for “Parallel” mechanism or illegal cash register And, of course, that doesn’t say all the billing you do.

Automatically the contractor will be included in the list of controlled contractors and a workshop will be sent to carry out a screening on site.

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