Discover Hidden Gems Using a DIY Magnetometer

A magnetometer is an electronic device capable of measuring magnetic fields or magnetic dipole moment. Magnetometers are widely used to measure the Earth’s magnetic fieldin geophysical surveys, to detect magnetic anomalies of various types. If you fancy building your own DIY magnetometer, you might be interested in an Arduino project posted on the Instructables site by the manufacturer Marcus Opitz. Its magnetometer costs less than $50 to build and provides an easy way to survey the terrain around you.

Build your own DIY magnetometer

“What’s under the ground? What’s under my property? I studied geography, I have an old house that has been used as a farm for over a hundred years on a large piece of land, and I like working with Arduino & Co. So I built my own magnetometer.

With a magnetometer, you can map archaeological structures that cause anomalies in the earth’s magnetic field. They work best in large open areas and are (hopefully) sensitive enough to pick up slight changes in the earth’s magnetic field at a particular location. Magnetometer mapping can reveal patterns by recording the magnetic properties of ferrous elements in the ground or those left behind after human activity.

DIY magnetometer

“The idea is to plot the magnetometer data on a map, to visualize the differences and thus to have an overview of the subsoil. For example, magnetometry has been used in ground exploration around Stonehenge in England. However, they have better sensors there and drag them across the terrain with a quad. Two years ago I already walked my property with a single magnetometer sensor, recorded GPS data and magnetic values ​​and transferred them to a custom Google Maps map.

The result was interesting, but not very significant. For more data, I would have had to walk a lot more in a denser grid. So how about seven sensors side by side? Do I then need 7 GPS receivers? No, I can calculate the position of the sensors from the central coordinate if I have a compass that shows the current direction.

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