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If you want to enjoy the big game while relaxing in your pool or entertaining your family while they relax outside, host an outdoor barbecue. You might be interested in the new 55-inch Deck Pro QLED Smart Outdoor TV created by Sylvox. Specifically designed for outdoor viewing, the large screen TV features brightness that can be increased to 700nit according to his position, offering a generally brighter picture than your regular indoor TV when used outdoors. It also has a wide gamut which is superior to the general LED display color gamut, delivering up to 100% sRGB color gamut.

The Deck Pro QLED Outdoor TV was built to withstand all weather conditions and can handle anything nature throws at it, from rain to snow. With IP55 level certificationthe outdoor TV is waterproof and dustproofallowing it to be placed very close to your pool without fear of it being damaged by splashing water.

Sylvox 55 inch Deck Pro QLED Waterproof Outdoor TV

700 nits of brightness

The advanced outdoor TV is the first 55 inch QLED 4K Outdoor TV available with 700 nits peak brightness and also has a 3000:1 contrast ratio. In collaboration with a 178° wide viewing angle allowing your group to see the action wherever they sit or stand. To launch its new QLED 4K television, Sylvox relied on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo offering up to 40% discount for early risers.

Sylvox Waterproof Outdoor TV

Weatherproof design

Once installed the Sylvox Outdoor TV can be left in situ without fear of dust, rain or insects entering its outer casing, allowing you to enjoy movies, media, games, etc. from the comfort of your backyard, garden, pool or patio at any time of the year. Thanks to a screen equipped with QLED technology, the TV provides users with an image 50% brighter than other conventional TVs making it perfect for outdoor installations. All electronic components of the Deck Pro QLED TV have been applied with three sealing and anti-corrosion coatings to prevent any moisture, dust or oxidation from occurring and the TV is housed in a scratch resistant aluminum casing.

Sylvox 55 inch Deck Pro QLED Waterproof Outdoor TV

Early bird rate

Sylvox uses a variety of waterproofing techniques to ensure that all openings, walls and panels can withstand any weather, from heavy rain to humid environments. If you want to know more about the unique Deck Pro QLED Outdoor TV hop over to the official Indiegogo site where pre-sale pledges are now available starting at just $1,699 offering up to 40% off the recommended retail price.

Sylvox Waterproof Outdoor TV

QLED Pro Bridge is a one-of-a-kind outdoor TV specially designed to handle extreme weather conditions like a pro. With an IP55 water and dustproof rating, the TV guarantees you up to 8 years of stable performance and enjoyable outdoor entertainment.explains Sylvox.

VESA mounting

For installation, Sylvox recommends using their full motion cantilever mount, although thanks to their standard VESA mounting system on the back of the TV (measuring 400 x 200mm on the 55 inches), you can mount the TV easily using a variety of different third parties. -part assembly solutions.

When the Deck Pro QLED outdoor TV campaign successfully achieves its engagement goal and the realization progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to occur around XXXXXX 2023. Learn more about the project unique weatherproof outdoor TV speakers, check out the promotional video below.


Sylvox 55 inch Deck Pro QLED Waterproof Outdoor TV

As well as being fully weatherproof, the Deck Pro QLED Outdoor TV is also equipped with the latest smart TV technology and features Amazon’s Alexa personal assistant. Let you or your friends and family control your TV using familiar Alexa voice commands to launch apps, search or change viewing options.


Sylvox 55

The Sylvox Deck Pro QLED TV is equipped with a large variety of inputs and outputs including 3 x HDMI connections 2 USB ports (1 x USB 2 5v 500mA and 1 x USB 1 5v 500mA), antenna connection, optical output and Ethernet RJ45 and standard audiovisual input via video and left and right. Allowing you to connect a host of multimedia equipment from DVD players, audio systems and computers. Sylvox has housed all of the TV’s ports behind a waterproof panel which will need to be removed to make the connections and replaced once you’ve got everything set up the way you want.

Smart TV WebOS

Sylvox 55 inch Deck Pro QLED

The TV’s operating system is LG’s award-winning Smart TV WebOS platform, which lets you download and install a wide variety of different apps and streaming providers. Letting you enjoy Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube and more through a user-friendly, easy-to-use interface giving you quick and easy access to the best TV shows, movies, sports and music on your smart TV. The outdoor TV comes with its own Magic Remote allowing you to quickly select functions and change TV settings remotely, as well as trigger voice commands using Amazon Alexa.

Magic remote control

For example, a quick press of the home button on your remote will bring up the launch bar at the bottom of your screen allowing you to select from your favorite apps without interrupting what you’re currently viewing. Once the TV is connected to your home network, you can access videos, music and photos from other devices connected to a home network, such as phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

Sylvox Waterproof Outdoor TV

Similar to a PC mouse, the Magic Remote has a pointer that will appear on your TV screen allowing you to easily select different apps, search, play games, access settings, select hardware connected or even just to surf the Internet with ease.


Over the past 13 years, Sylvox has developed specialist television systems and applications selling them throughout Europe, America, Africa, China and Japan. Design and manufacture of television systems for a wide variety of different applications, from yachts and outdoor events to domestic installations. In April 2021, Sylvox became an Amazon Trusted Supplier offering its specialty weatherproof TV systems to a wide range of global markets.

Sylvox Waterproof Outdoor TV

The Sylvox 55” Deck Pro QLED Outdoor TV specs include:

– A triple-layer motherboard and power supply, protecting delicate components from moisture, corrosion and dust.

– A modern, minimalist aluminum outer casing finished with an anti-scratch coating of diamond paint to stop any oxidation or corrosion for up to 8 years.

– The outdoor TV can withstand temperatures ranging from -35°C to an impressive 50°C and has an automatic power-off protection system in case the temperatures rise even higher.

– Equipped with unique thermal technology, the outdoor TV also features a 2mm aluminum heat dissipation bar and heat shield direct dissipation with custom motherboard cooling system.

– The TV is IP55 waterproof certified and the Magic Remote IP66 rated and both feature professional waterproof adhesive bonding to ensure the weatherproof casing fully protects their electronics from weather and outdoor elements.

For a full list of all available pledge options, extended lenses, additional media and full specs for the Sylvox Deck Pro QLED 55” Outdoor TV, head over to the official Sylvox crowdfunding campaign page. by following the link below.

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