Death of a member of the BJD ZP: the police recover the mobile phones of the deceased

Bhubaneswar: Police station on Saturday seized two mobile phones from BJD member Zilla Parishad Dharmendra Sahu who was found hanged outside his house in Laxmi Vihar near Sisupalagarh on the outskirts of the city.

Although police have not yet confirmed the reason for the death, it appears to be a suicide, police said, adding that a family dispute is suspected as the cause.

Sahu, who posted on social media about some of the cellphone videos, threw the gadgets into a field before hanging himself, police said.

Hours after recovering his body, police found the phones with the help of sniffer dogs. Sahu had written in his last post about the videos. He asked that the videos be made public.

The science team seized the cell phones and recovered the data.

Police found he turned off the phones before taking the extreme step.

Another DCP Prakash Pal, who led the investigation team, said there had been a long-running family dispute between the ZP member and his wife, following which the two were staying apart.

Police also tracked his call records to find out how many people he had spoken to before killing himself. Police also seized the CCTV footage which recorded his entire act. It shows that Sahu climbed to the top of his car to hang himself from the ceiling of his roof, Pal said.

“We are going to interview his family members and relatives. All angles of the case are open. The exact cause of death will soon be known,” Pal added.

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