Danny Amendola looks like ‘an angry elf’ in ‘Brady vs. Belichick’ debate, former Patriot Matt Light said

Former New England Patriots players are starting to get pretty sneaky in this whole “Belichick vs. Brady” debate.

Following Danny Amendola’s comments on Tuesday that “Tom Brady is Patriots style”, former Patriots take on Matt Light appeared on the Dan Patrick Show. First and foremost, Patrick asked for Light’s reaction to Amendola’s comments.

“I mean it looked a bit like an angry elf, right?” One of those South Pole Elves, ”Light said. “Maybe he was trying to make a point there and (it) seems to be working.”

Light went on to say that during his 11 seasons in New England, he experienced how difficult it was to play under Belichick, calling him “an emotional roller coaster”.

Light says there were days when players didn’t want to hear the coach’s criticism – and broke out a pretty good Belichick impersonation, so let’s say he’d hear “let’s watch Light screw up a block 700 times” during the games. meetings.

Light admitted that it can get old, especially when things get personal and start to involve contracts.

“Is it personal with him?” At this point, right now, it really does appear to be the case, ”Light said. “But I think there is some truth to what he’s saying, though.

So what did Amendola say?

During an appearance on FOX Sports 1 “First Things First,” Amendola was asked if Belichick would struggle to get players to “buy-in” without Brady in the building.

“When you see the ‘Patriot Way’ in the dictionary, Tom Brady’s name appears next to it,” Amendola said. “None of these coaches threw any passes. Neither of those coaches caught any assists. None of these coaches made a tackle. They put the guys in the right position because they watched a lot of movies and spent all of their time in the facility. But Tom Brady is the “Patriot Way”. This is the reason why Tom Brady is currently in the Super Bowl and the Patriots are not.

Light agreed with the feeling that when you think of the success of the Patriots, you’re probably going to think of Brady. However, Light added that the team’s success isn’t always tied to the quarterback.

“Can he win without Tom Brady?” Yeah, I think he can. We did it in 2008, ”Light said of the Patriots season with an 11-5 record with Matt Cassel as quarterback.

Light says the Patriots were a “system” team that worked well under Belichick. On the other hand, it is fitting that Brady has become a “system” on his own. But at the same time, that wasn’t always the case in New England, especially when the team won their first three Super Bowls in 2001-2004.

Here’s Light’s full appearance with Dan Patrick:

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