CSGO pros often destroy property at tournaments, resulting in hefty fines

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pros are generally cool under pressure, but one pitcher claims they vent their emotions on furniture.

According to prominent CSGO caster Mohan ‘bleaches’ Govindasamy, CSGO players rack up tens of thousands of dollars in fines during major tournaments, in part due to the destruction of property. These massive penalties are also due to lateness, no-shows and other rule violations.

The information came out during a stream on September 21, 2022. While watching some interesting player camera moments, Launders paused to explain that banging on desks or hitting walls happened during major CSGO events.

“You don’t know how many players get fined. Tens of thousands of dollars are handed out in fines every tournament, to different teams, because of damage to things, delays, content days… They accumulate them. And they don’t care because they make so much money,” Launders said.

This revelation may come as a shock to many CSGO fans. The majority of pros seem cool, calm, and collected at tournaments. The idea of ​​them trashing hotel rooms and throwing TVs out of windows seems absurd, though it’s not always explosions like this that result in the vast majority of fines. In fact, the strict rules of behavior may be to blame.

Do CSGO pros really destroy property at tournaments?

CSGO pros have damaged property in tournaments before, but the majority of fines likely come from less violent rule violations.

The launderers didn’t specify exactly what type of property damage the CSGO pros allegedly committed, but he went on to list some common causes for fines. One of the most understandable is a fine for breaking the table, which the pros often do after a failed clutch or a frustrating puff.

Organizers apparently encourage pros to vent their frustration on easily replaceable chairs, but it’s easy to forget that after a tough clutch.

Additionally, Launders clarified that many fines are unrelated to property damage and instead come from other sources. He listed player delay as a common fine, which many CSGO esports fans are already well aware of.

Laundresses didn’t specify the nature of those penalties, but they likely involve players who don’t show up or are late. All of these things and more could well stretch into the five figures for teams at a CSGO tournament.

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