Cornwall holidaymaker guilty of mobile phone driving law

A foreign holidaymaker broke UK driving laws and an overloaded car was found with four children in the back and an adult in the boot on a busy day for Cornwall Police.

These are just two incidents dealt with by members of the Devon and Cornwall Police ‘No Excuses’ Road Safety Team on Saturday.

One of their stops was in Newquay, when a foreign holidaymaker driving to Cornwall broke one of the UK’s tougher laws in March this year.

A team officer said: ‘Overseas holidaymaker stopped using mobile phone while driving in Newquay – £200 immediate payment made at roadside.

In March, the law was extended so that drivers can no longer touch their mobile phones while driving. It used to be illegal to make a call or send messages, but now it’s also illegal to scroll through playlists, take photos and videos, or set navigation with the engine running.

On the same day the road safety team stopped a car on the A30 at Innis Downs which turned out to be particularly congested.

The team said: “The car came to a stop on the A30 Innis Downs as there were four children in the three rear seats and an adult in the trunk, not to mention the obvious issues with the trailer.

“Driver has reported and can expect points and a fine. Adult passenger has reported and will also hear from us.”


Other stops included a vehicle seen speeding near Newquay which was then followed by the driver giving false details and having no insurance and a positive saliva test, with the passenger being treated for drug possession.

No Excuses team officers are dedicated to reducing and preventing driving violations, especially the “Fatal Five”: inappropriate or excessive speed, failure to wear seat belts, driver distractions (including use of mobile devices such as phones, GPS and tablets), driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and reckless or reckless driving.

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