Consumer electronics and tech expert reveals information stored in Android phone

Ask Dave Taylor, a YouTube channel with consumer electronics and electronics reviews that also has a Q&A tutorial website that provides online help and customer technical support, recently responded. to whether an Android phone stores credit card information. Android devices store a lot of personal information including credit card information using Google Autofill for user convenience. This means that losing your smartphone for some reason is worrying as unscrupulous people who can access the phone may be able to use the saved credit card information.

It is revealed that Google Autofill can monitor a lot of information, personal information such as name, address and phone number to other addresses, such as parents’ house, business address, etc. including passwords and custom preferences. Checking the Payment Methods option will show the user what credit card information has been stored in the Android smartphone. Every credit card information that has been stored can be deleted manually. When the need arises, adding a payment method can be easily done. The information provided by Dave Taylor allows Android users to identify stored cards and clean them whenever they want. But it’s also important to note that establishments with online payment systems may also have copies of the user’s credit card information.

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