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New Delhi [India], Aug 6 (ANI / SRV Media): At present when people are too busy to shop physically, ordering books online has become their preference, as it can be done from the comfort of their own homes.

It was halfway through the 2nd Engineering Seminar that the whole idea came to the mind of the young Roni Mondal. With contributions from fellow college students Tirtharaj Bhattacharjee and Ajit Thakur, the team grew stronger to execute Roni’s dream project. Together they formed BOITOI INDIA LLP in 2019.

The idea of ​​digitizing the bookstore was a unique approach that has proven to pay off over time. The idea spread by creating an online platform, Day by day, the growth of the website has bolstered Boitoi’s notoriety with the help of college friends. The team was soon joined by other comrades – Rittika and Kunal – as business associates.

At first, running an online book sales business was not at all easy for Boitoi CEO Roni Mondal. The fledgling business then flourished with the introduction of new segments like crafts and custom t-shirts.

The idea behind the creation of Boitoi was to improve the integrity of the sale of books in the market with the coordination of each bookseller. However, the start-up of this young businessman from Kolkata gave a profound opportunity to the PAN India booksellers, who lacked the technological adaptability to improve their business. Therefore, the company started to collaborate with sellers across India facilitating their online sales through Boitoi.

With the Covid-19 pandemic closing stores across the country, Boitoi has helped college street booksellers sell their books online on a journey that they say was nothing short of magical. Boitoi even eloquently changed its business model by providing loans to sellers for their business development.

Boitoi’s mission was to promote the activity and income of booksellers, who did not have the opportunity to come under the light of digitization. According to Roni Mondal, their motto is to empower and help local sellers grow their business using their online platform. Currently, Boitoi works with 1000 reputable sellers, self-publishers and publishing houses.

In addition, Roni Mondal and Tirtharaj Bhattacharjee have accelerated their growth by making Boitoi products accessible at all international airports, shopping malls and bookstores. They said it is customer feedback that has consistently influenced and encouraged their instinct for innovation to deliver genuine solutions and quality products.

Boitoi has developed its reputation and brand value across India by optimizing Boitoi service and keeping customer satisfaction in mind. Collaboration, coordination and the development of innovative techniques for marketing have further enriched Boitoi to a great level. Right now, their dream is to globalize the business. They are already doing this with the receipt of international orders, which has generated the determination to activate the cynosure of success.

Reading books is a pleasure that stimulates the mental well-being of an individual. It also relieves stress and tension by taking the person to a completely different world. In the present generation, people are devoting themselves to electronic gadgets which cause various health problems.

With the help of Boitoi, Roni Mondal and his team aim to enrich the mind with the freshness of their vast collection of books, while balancing both the technology and the positivity of reading.

“Live as an example to always enlighten our minds. Boitoi gives multiple examples to all small sellers to earn more and sell products nationally and globally. We are currently developing larger plans for “Boom” soon. – COO de Boitoi, added Tirtharaj.

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