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Atlanta, Georgia – A federal grand jury has handed over an indictment against Atlanta City Councilor Antonio Brown, accusing him of several counts of bank fraud on Wednesday.

The accusations come as Brown’s profile had risen in Atlanta politics.

Brown allegedly “took loans and made credit card purchases – then falsely claimed he was a victim of identity theft and was not responsible for the charges or the repayment of the loans,” a declaration of the US District Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Georgia said.

“Beginning in 2012, Antonio Brown opened a number of credit cards, which he then used to make purchases for thousands of dollars for his personal benefit,” the statement said. “Brown also obtained over $ 60,000 in auto loans to finance the purchase of a Mercedes C300 and a Range Rover. Despite the opening and use of these credit cards and despite taking the money for the two auto loans, Brown allegedly falsely claimed that his identity had been stolen and that someone else had made the purchases by credit card or had taken out these loans.

Brown said Wednesday night he was not offering any comment to the media other than saying he was “not guilty.”

The charges stem from activities prior to his election to public office, coinciding with his career as a fashion designer.

Antonio Brown launched luxury shoe brand LVL XIII in late 2012 after being fired from his New York accountant job at a luxury doll maker. Brown has grown the $ 500 to $ 1,000 sneaker line through celebrity appearances – Jason Derulo is a business partner – and it is currently sold to Nordstrom and Bloomingdales. The company unsuccessfully sued Louis Vuitton in 2014, arguing that the fashion giant had copied the LVL XIII metal-toe design.

Brown won a special election in March 2019 after the death of City Councilor Ivory Young, edging out institutional favorite Greg Clay for a spot in a runoff by four out of 1,531 votes cast. Brown, 35, became the first openly gay black city councilor in the city’s history.

Brown has established himself as a vehement progressive, urging the city to pass tougher police reforms, but his initiatives have been rebuffed by longtime members, even in the black community – five out of eight black city councilors voted against its initial measurement. to sequester about $ 80 million in police funds, for example. Quietly, some council members accused Brown of demagoguery before more substantial work could be done.

BJay Pak, US District Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, said Wednesday that Brown had known for “some time ago” that he was the target of a federal investigation.

The immediate reaction of the political community was a mixture of disappointment, outrage and fear. Atlanta has been under federal scrutiny for years, particularly in the administration of contracts for the Watershed Department. Last month, federal prosecutors indicted former Atlanta Watershed Commissioner Jo Ann Macrina with conspiratorial bribery, bribery and tax evasion in connection with money and other valuables. ‘she accepted from the city of Atlanta and DeKalb County contractor, Lohrasb “Jeff” Jafari.

But the unrest of recent weeks and the political polarization of the day raise questions for activists about federal law enforcement activity.

“Don’t be so quick to throw out board member Antonio Brown,” said Devin Barrington Ward, a former Atlanta state senator and friend of Brown. “I still can’t see Donald Trump’s tax returns, Roger Stone is free and the president still owes Russia money, but the federal government can prioritize what Brown would have done BEFORE taking his functions? What I do know is that he is the only elected official in Georgia to propose a bill to fund police and reinvent public safety and it was almost passed.

– George Chidi is a political columnist and advocate for public policy.

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Government funding and tax deductions for photographers in 2021 Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:37 +0000

For photographers around the world, the wedding and portrait season of 2020 embodied expectations that did not correspond to reality. Between COVID-19, major elections, and all manner of social and political events, the photography season just hasn’t gone as planned. Fortunately, there are a few government relief programs, tax incentives, and other strategies you can take advantage of to help shore up the tidal wave of losses that you, or a loved one, have likely suffered, or more likely keep on going to discover.

[Read: 10 Important Tax Hacks For Photographers]

Government funding: Paycheque Protection Program

The federal government has opened a second round of funding for its Paycheck Protection Program (P3) which is available to small businesses, including “sole proprietors,” which is the tax structure many photographers find themselves in. of marriage. There are many resources that describe the specifics of the PPP qualification, but the general highlights are as follows:

If this is your first PPP loan, you are eligible if: were operational before February 15, 2020 and are still operational at the time of application are small (less than 500 employees)

3. the current economic uncertainty (hum, marriages canceled) makes a PPP loan necessary to maintain your business.

[Read: How to Manage Money for Photo Business Longevity]

If this is your second PPP Loan, most of the above conditions apply except you must be able to prove that you had a 25 percent reduction in your gross income. By the way, “gross” is income before expenses.

The great thing about these loans is the possibility of getting them (relatively easily) forgiven. There are a handful of criteria that must be met to be successful in making them forgive, but the rules are written in favor of small businesses, especially in an industry like ours that has been hit so hard by the pandemic.

Applications are open now, and you are applying through your bank. One of my favorite resources for unraveling all this chaotic tax policy is The Bench Accounting blog.

[Read: 4 Crucial Tax Tips for Photographers Who Live and Work in Different States]

Government funding: economic disaster loan

Another government funding option is the Economic Disaster Loan (EIDL). Unlike PPP, it is more of a conventional loan without any surrender clause. The advantage, however, is that the amount you can claim and receive is a lot higher than the PPA. The loan terms are also very generous compared to other options, with very low interest rates and very long repayment terms.

Read how to apply to EIDL of the Small Business Administration.

Government funding: Extended unemployment insurance

Rules vary from state to state, but for some states, including my home state of California, you don’t have to be a paid photographer to receive Unemployment Insurance (UI) . You can also apply for unemployment insurance as an independent contractor or “concert” worker. In addition to state benefits, the federal government injects an additional $ 300 per week.

[Read: What Does the New Tax Bill Mean For Your Photo Business?]

Keep in mind that any benefits received are taxable, so opt for withholding tax up front, or just remember that a portion of the benefits will have to be paid in the form of taxes next April.

Find out how to apply from the US Department of Labor.

Government funding: employee retention credits

If you have employees, the employee retention credit is extended for an additional six months, until June 2021, and the amount increased from 50% to 70% of an employee’s salary.

There are, of course, a handful of details to explore, but know that it’s here to start. Here is an IRS guide on claim the credits.

President Biden’s American rescue plan

More than any other year, the availability of government programs is changing rapidly. The second round of PPP funding wasn’t even a thing until the dying days of 2020 and then all of a sudden it passed and kicked into action. The White House has already proposed a new spending bill that will expand all kinds of opportunities for small businesses to seek help to help stem the financial losses associated with COVID-19, known as COVID-19. American Rescue Plan (ARP).

Nothing is final until it is final, so the main thing to remember is: stay informed.

For the record, I heard that so many fellow photographers were unaware that the first round of PPP funding, EIDL or even unemployment benefits were available to them until the funds supporting these initiatives were available. virtually all of them exhausted or expired. I think the chatter around the virtual water cooler from fellow photographers woke up a lot of us, and I’m grateful to see a lot more friends tuning in to this second round of stimulus payments. That being said, much of that money is free or cheap, and it’s important to stay up to date and informed during this season.

Brandon scott is a wedding photographer and CPA based in Monterey, California.

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Slippages could increase for banks, recoveries accelerate in March quarter Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:35 +0000

Mumbai: While Indian lenders are expected to experience bigger slippages than expected in the March quarter, now that the Supreme Court has lifted the suspension of bad debt classification, banks can now continue their recovery plans and improve recoveries.

Banks hoped the undeclared moratorium would be lifted as any further extensions could distort borrowers’ repayment behavior. Based on data for the December quarter, there is a difference of approximately ??1.2 trillion between the reported number and the proforma number of bad debts from 22 lenders. This means that at least ??1.2 trillion unreported sour loans will be classified as NPA in the fourth quarter. That said, banks have already made provisions to cover future covid-19 losses, mitigating the blow somewhat.

Read also | Dating lessons from India with lockdown

“Banks are expected to experience above normal slippages in the fourth quarter of FY21 and the recovery still looks patchy, especially in the small business, micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) and microfinance segments.” , analysts at Kotak Institutional Equities said in a report.

However, with non-performing asset (NPA) marking, banks can pursue collections more effectively, resulting in a potential reduction in bad debts, he said.

The report says it continues to believe that large banks are likely to emerge with a lower covid-19 impact given loan portfolios that are skewed towards salaried segments and relatively safer segments within smaller ones. and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Big banks, he said, also typically hold higher provisions for covid-19 and have more solid and granular revenue profiles, providing better stability in the event of new covid-related issues.

According to analysts at Emkay Research, the cancellation of the suspension of the recognition of the NPA is positive for retail banks and SMEs, as it will open up legal recourse and improve the efficiency of collection in late compartments, all the more so with the renewed risk of the second covid-19 wave.

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Nick Sirianni wants his Philadelphia Eagles offense to be ‘multiple’ Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:32 +0000

PHILADELPHIA – Nick Sirianni has spent his coaching career directing other people’s offenses. For the past three seasons he has been Frank Reich’s offensive coordinator with the Colts. Prior to that, he worked under Anthony Lynn, Ken Whisenhunt, Mike McCoy and Reich, among others, with the Chargers.

By taking over as Eagles coach, Sirianni will import his own attack in Philadelphia. Finally, the 39-year-old project will be on display. He will design his own attack. He’ll call his own pieces.

And during his introductory press conference last week, Sirianni pointed out the flexibility of his system, which was something that was essential during his time with the Colts.

“The offensive philosophy, again, we’re going to be multiple,” Sirianni told Zoom. “We can attack in a number of ways. I’ll just use the example here from Indianapolis. We had Andrew Luck as a quarterback. That followed with Jacoby Brissett as a quarterback and then Philip Rivers as a quarterback. These three teams looked different. They were all different in the way they attacked defenses and played the game. ”

Read more: LeSean McCoy Calls Penn State’s Miles Sanders ‘Next Returning Franchise’ For Philadelphia Eagles

Sirianni brought in two assistants with similar backgrounds to offensive coordinator Shane Steichen, who was with the Chargers for the past seven seasons, and passing play coordinator Kevin Patullo, who was with the Colts for the past three seasons.

But Sirianni will also have outside voices. He retained the offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland, who was also the running game coordinator under former coach Doug Pederson, and reportedly coached wide receivers Aaron Moorehead, which could ensure a certain continuity on this side of the ball. He praised Stoutland.

Sirianni, however, wouldn’t put himself in a box as to how he would define his offense. He had to adapt on the fly with quarterback changes at Indianapolis, and he inherited a pair of quarterbacks with differing skills from Carson Wentz and Jalen Hurts in Philadelphia.

Wentz is a few years away from his prime, while Hurts made some impressive plays in the last season. But the two have different strengths for an attacking staff to work with. Sirianni wouldn’t want to put his quarterback in a situation that doesn’t exploit his strengths.

“I think that’s a sign of a good coach, that you’re going to change depending on your staff, right?” said Sirianni. “We have some staff in place. We’re going to figure out what they can do well and what their strengths are, and we’re going to play on their strengths and we’re going to try to keep them out of situations where they don’t excel well.

“It can change. We can look at the tape and think, “Hey, that would look really good. This is how it adapts to a few things that we have done in the past. But that can change depending on the practice. In practice, say, “We’re going to have to see it in practice. Then that might change depending on a game.

Read more: Eagles coach Nick Sirianni braced for the responsibilities that come with take-off games

In Sirianni’s three seasons at Indianapolis, the Colts were seventh, 25th and 10th in yards and fifth, 16th and ninth in points. According to Football Outsiders’ DVOA metric, the Colts offense ranked 10th, 19th and 12th.

Sirianni doesn’t necessarily seem to bring an unstoppable Indianapolis plan with him, and there are serious personnel issues – starting with the quarterback with Wentz and Hurts – for the Eagles to respond this offseason before the system of Sirianni could not take shape. In addition, he could attempt to institute his plan during another virtual offseason due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But while Sirianni’s offense doesn’t seem to have a calling card just yet, he hopes his adaptability serves him well as the games begin.

“It’s an ever-evolving offensive philosophy,” Sirianni said. “Of course we have our core games in place that we want to do, that we want to be good at, because that’s what we do. But a lot of it will depend on our staff and how our staff are used for their strengths and weaknesses. “

Read more: Harrisburg’s LeSean McCoy reflects on travel and time with Eagles ahead of second Super Bowl

Daniel Gallen covers the Philadelphia Eagles for PennLive. He can be contacted at You can follow it on Twitter and Facebook. Follow PennLive’s Philadelphia Eagles coverage on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

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Congress close to deal on stimulus, business loans and unemployment Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:30 +0000

After about eight months of stalemate, Democrats and Republicans in Congress are set to strike a deal on more COVID-19 stimulus checks, small business loans and UI aid.

Final details of the relief plan are being negotiated ahead of the government funding deadline of midnight Friday, but negotiators shared the outline with reporters.

The deal is expected to include direct checks of $ 600 or $ 700 for most Americans, a weekly unemployment supplement of $ 300, and a large amount of repayable small business loans.

But the package should exclude two things that have caused the long-standing deadlock.

The corporate liability protections sought by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) Have not been upheld, nor have the Democrats’ demand for massive public and local aid, that the Republicans saw it as a way to bail out long-indebted Democratic governments. .

The precise amount of likely stimulus checks is unknown. Senate Majority Whip John Thune (R-SD) told reporters on Wednesday the checks would go up to $ 600 or $ 700 – rather than the more generous $ 1,200 round in March.

REUTERS / Erin Scott / File photo

The checks would likely be means-tested, as in March, with people earning higher wages receiving less money and people earning over $ 95,000 receiving nothing.

The negotiations could drag on until Friday. In previous rounds of relief talks in March, apparent deals have often been stuck due to last-minute fighting over seemingly minor details.

Among the latest disagreements is the amount of federal disaster relief funds allowed, which Political reports are viewed by some Republicans as stolen state and local aid.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) And Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin spoke on the phone until late Wednesday night.

Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill tweeted that Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Mnuchin had spoken around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday and “underlined the urgency of reaching an immediate agreement and will exchange additional documents and resume conversations in the morning.”

Congress last week approved a government funding for a week agreement to extend negotiations.

The most recent major COVID-19 stimulus bill spent in april authorizing an extension of the Small Business Paycheck Protection Program, which converts loans into grants if certain conditions are met. In May, the Congress voted to relax the rules of the program. President Trump signed this law in June.

An important case has long been elusive. In an opening offer, House Democrats passed in May a doomed $ 3 trillion banknote, including nearly $ 1 trillion in state and local aid.

The pressure for a compromise was eased in August when Trump signed a series of decrees protect people from eviction, temporarily create a weekly unemployment supplement of $ 300, and delay student loan payments.

The pre-Christmas push for relief comes as authorities re-order businesses to shut down amid rising infections. Recent media coverage has focused on long lines and calls from restaurant owners who say they are at risk of shutting down for good. An estimated 12 million people are at risk of losing their unemployment benefits on December 26 without legislation.

The stimulus deal is expected to include food aid and funds to support vaccinations, which started this week After the approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, funds for besieged regional transit systems and various other initiatives are likely.

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A new Celtic signing is set to be on loan next season even before he arrives Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:29 +0000

There was something odd about Celtic’s move to Liam Shaw before they appointed their new manager, so they just have to think he was too good to pass up.

His start has not gone very well at Sheffield, but there is a lot of promise in his game, and one wonders what next season will bring him.

We already know Broony will move on, but it would be amazing for Shaw to step in and take his place on the squad, but that means he should have a chance to impress in the preseason.

READ MORE: Potential problem for Celtic and Eddie Howe due to reluctance to accept key request

A report of Football fan offered some comments from ex-Wednesday midfielder Carlton Palmer, and he’s already tipped him on a loan, although there may be sour grapes here about his departure from his former team:

Liam is Go To Wrestle Go To Celtic this age To to play. He’ll probably end up going there and going out on loan, I guess, I don’t know.

IF I was Liam, User ID to be want to To to have outside to to lend somewhere or it’s guaranteed this It is Go To to play because you can to do this. I’ve done this before where I took a player when I was a manager at Stockport and the manager came to me and said, “Okay, listen, I’m going to let the player come, but he has to to play.” Kind of like David Beckham when he went to Preston, that’s how they develop. They have to play.

Naming David Beckham in there is always interesting, but there is also the concern that if he goes straight back on loan he could be forgotten as he won’t be there while the new manager formulates his plans.

Perhaps the best course of action is for him to stick around and settle in until January, with any luck he could play in cup matches and push for a spot before he goes. be reassessed in the winter window.

If he then has to be loaned out that’s fine, but you’d at least like to see him stay for the preseason to show what he can do.

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Home Depot Co-Founders Create Mental Health Network for Veterans Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:27 +0000

The founders of Home deposit each make a huge investment to help veterans and first responders with post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD

Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank have each committed $ 20 million to create 20 mental health centers across the country.


Details were shared on Fox Business’s “Cavuto Coast to Coast”.

“It’s not a mental health issue. It’s a problem of not being able to cope with the world as it is. And there have been very few treatments that have been very effective. have been in place for about eight years, Operation Share in Atlanta has worked and we’ve had hundreds of these people through our program, ”Marcus said.“ And I have to tell you something, the biggest problem we have are facing is suicide. You will not believe the number 20 every day, 20 young men and women commit suicide every day. It’s a tragedy.”

Since September 11, 2001, approximately three million men and women have been deployed around the world to protect American values.

“A third of them came home with the kind of mental health, mental well-being, or physical issues that Bernie describes as first responders,” Blank said. “What we are also seeing is that one in three is also affected in the same way.”


“It’s a very comprehensive program that deals with both the physical wounds that people suffer and come back with and the invisible wounds, if you will, that they feel and live in their lives and in their families,” said added Blank. “And the beauty of the program that Bernie started and that I was, you know, happy to be with him, is that it’s going to be a nationally responsible national program.”

The plan is to have 23 sites operational over the next two years.

Marcus said these centers will differ from the help veterans are already receiving.


“We find that these places have to deal with them as individuals. There is no medicine, there is no pill that you can take. It is a complete cure. Each has a different problem. And at the Marcus Brain Center in Colorado, it’s been around for about three years now, we’ve shown that the results are pretty good, ”added Marcus.

“Ninety-five percent now have a lifestyle they could live with. And these numbers have never been reached before by anyone to our knowledge, ”Marcus said. “The numbers are around 55-60% and they were able to go back and function in life, become husband and wife again, be family oriented, keep a job so they can focus, be able to sleep at night and have nightmares. they had before. “

Actor Gary Sinise, who has been active with veterans, also joined the program.


The only thing I want to stress is that all of these treatments are free for these young people, they are men, women, ”said Marcus. “There is no charge for them, so they know they can get what they want. . And a lot of these people don’t have any money. And what our plans ultimately are is to have a place across the United States. “

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Democrats Seek To Forgive Student Loans, But For How Much? Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:24 +0000

As Congressional Democrats release plans to cancel federal student loans, President Joe Biden signals he’s supportive, but how far remains a question.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, alongside progressive Democratic members of the House and Senate, held a press conference Thursday urging Biden to write off up to $ 50,000 in federal student loans per borrower. Schumer and other Democrats called on Biden to use an executive order to grant pardon.

“It’s a problem that’s going all the way up, not just the 20s and 30s, but the 40s and 50s,” Schumer said. “A lot of parents are in debt. They would be relieved. We have to do this. “

Biden, however, has shown apprehension about forgiving this amount of student loan debt. Biden said he would consider forgiving $ 10,000 in student loans per borrower through executive action.

Biden’s use of executive orders, however, has been criticized by some Republicans.

“President Biden spoke of unity. He said if we are united we can do great things. And then he turned around and issued 25 executive orders,” said Senator John Barrasso, R-Wyoming. .

The White House has indicated it could support a broader pardon program if approved by Congress.

“The president continues to support the cancellation of student debt to provide relief to students and families,” said Jen Psaki, White House press secretary. “Our team is examining if there are any steps he can take through executive action and he would be happy to be able to sign a bill sent to him by Congress.”

Getting the legislation through Congress, however, could be a challenge. Republicans have reported no support for forgiving substantial amounts of student loan debt.

Since taking office, Biden has pushed withholding federal student loan payments until after September 2021. Federal student loan borrowers saw their loans forborne in March 2020 by the Trump administration at the start of the pandemic. of coronavirus. When President Donald Trump stepped down, an abstention was in place until the end of January.

Advocates say black borrowers would benefit the most

According to the federal government in 2016 Data, the average black bachelor’s degree graduate had almost $ 25,000 more in student debt than white graduates four years after graduation. Four years after graduation, black graduates owe 6% more than they borrowed on average, while white graduates owe 10% less than they borrowed.

This is in part due to the pay gap between white and black college graduates. White college graduates had a median income of $ 40,000 per year, compared with $ 36,000 per year for black college graduates, according to 2016 data from the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education.

“This pandemic has done it all, but it is impossible to ignore the fact that we can and must take bold steps to address the inequalities and disparities in our country and bring much needed relief to our communities,” said Representative Ayanna. Pressley, D-Mass. “Canceling student debt through executive action is one of the most effective ways at the stroke of a pen to bring sweeping relief to millions of families, help close the racial wealth gap, and get started. to lay the foundations for a fair and just long-term recovery. “

Impact of cancellation of student loans

Impartiality Congress Budget Office released data indicating that U.S. student loan debt increased 700 percent over the period 1995 to 2017.

The CBO sets out a number of reasons why this happened. One of the culprits is that borrowing from private for-profit colleges has skyrocketed. Adding insult to injury, those who attend for-profit colleges and universities are more likely not to graduate, reducing job opportunities.

The CBO also reports that enrollment increased at US universities in the late 1990s and 00s, meaning there were simply more students going into debt. The number of students who took out new loans declined after peaking in 2011, but remained higher in 2017 than it did in the 1990s and much of the 00s.

There has also been an arms race in universities to increase student services, which increases costs. This comes as state support for public universities has declined in recent years.

University graduates are still doing better overall

Despite all the debt that many college graduates face over the years, if not decades, after attending school, those with a bachelor’s or higher degree fare much better in the workforce. .

According to data from the 2019 U.S. Census, the median income of a household head with a bachelor’s degree was $ 51,036, with those with graduate degrees earning even more. For those with an associate’s degree, a degree typically awarded to community college graduates, the median income was $ 34,242. Those who attended college but didn’t have a degree earned $ 33,380 per year, while those who graduated from high school with no college experience earned $ 26,803.

At the height of the pandemic, those with at least a four-year college degree were more likely to keep their jobs. Unemployment rate rose from 2.5% to 8.4% for bachelor’s degree holders from March to April 2020. Holders of an associate’s degree or some university experience, but not a four-year degree years, saw their unemployment rate rise from 3.7% to 15%.

For those who graduated from high school but did not attend university, the unemployment rate over the same period fell from 6.8% to 21.2%.

The most recent employment figures, which were for the month of December, showed an unemployment rate of 3.8% for those 25 and over with at least a four-year degree, 6.3% for those with an associate’s degree or college, and 7.8% for those with a high school diploma and no college experience.

Justin Boggs is a writer for the EW Scripps National Office. Follow him on Twitter @jjboggs Or on Facebook.

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Survey created to help businesses in the region affected by COVID-19 Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:22 +0000 It’s no secret that thousands of businesses in Geauga County, large and small, are feeling the effects of COVID-19, some of them even going to extinction.

It’s no secret that thousands of businesses in Geauga County, large and small, are feeling the effects of COVID-19, some of them even going to extinction.

Many non-essential operations, or those that the governor and the Ohio Department of Health consider able to widely spread the novel coronavirus, have had their doors locked for nearly two months.

Others, like restaurants, have had to severely limit their ability to serve their regular customers and suffer severe financial trauma. Many do not yet know whether government assistance will stop the bleeding enough to keep them functioning.

The full extent of the impact on the business world is unknown, but not unknowable.

A local collaboration of economic development professionals began meeting on March 27, less than two weeks after the closure was announced, to find ways to support the business community in Geauga County, said Kimm Leininger, director executive of Geauga Growth Partnership.

Professionals from the Township of Bainbridge, the four County Chambers of Commerce, the Town of Chardon, the Geauga County Economic Development Office, the Geauga County Township Trustees Association, the Village of Middlefield and GGP met each week to define problems within the local business community and seek solutions, said Leininger.

To fully understand the many issues owners and managers face, the Geauga County Economic Development Task Force created and published an online survey that will provide insight into the county’s business landscape.

The investigation will provide information that will help the group provide programs, services and support to businesses struggling with the impact of the virus, Leininger wrote in the press release.

“We did it as a united group. The task force worked on (the survey) together, ”she said in a telephone interview on May 4, adding that they had drawn some questions from a disaster survey published by the State.

The survey can be viewed on the GGP website,, which is updated daily and free to all, including a wealth of information on the latest developments and many resources specifically geared towards small businesses. The deadline is the close of business on May 8.

“We become experts on the resources available – unemployment options, loan comparisons, small business loans. Anyone can tap into (the website), ”said Leininger.

About 95 percent of operations in the county are considered small business and some have already responded to the online survey. It consists of over 30 questions, many of which only require the click of a mouse to answer.

Leininger said she expects the data to be tabulated by the end of May, but has already looked at what has arrived.

“About 75 percent of these companies have lost (revenue) and about 25 percent have gained or remained stable,” she said, adding that those who are still in the dark are making or selling products that are still in demand or that management was able to “pivot and do something differently.”

Leininger urged business owners who applied for loans and didn’t hear if they were successful to follow up. In one case, she learned that a simple typo in an application delayed funding. When the owner contacted the lending institution and corrected the error, the loan was granted quickly.

“They need to talk to their bankers,” she said.

Meanwhile, Leininger is excited about the speed at which the task force has come together and the job that has been done in a short space of time.

When the news broke in March, many businesses in Geauga County were ordered to shut down, GGP management and staff got underway, meeting twice a day for updates and stretching to connect with organizations outside of the county such as the Greater Cleveland Partnership and TeamNEO. , she said.

“At first things were moving fast,” she said.

Within days, it became clear that a network of economic development professionals would be needed to help businesses in the region survive what has become a long road. Forming a task force that can use its combined strengths to help small businesses survive has opened up a new perspective, Leininger said.

“I see (the working group) as a team. It’s really amazing how it all came together, ”she said. “COVID was the reason we got together, but I hope this working group and collaboration will continue beyond COVID. This is the opportunity to go much further.

The surveys are available online at and will be accepted until the close of business on May 8.

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KISS brings another farewell tour to Quicken Loans Arena Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:21 +0000

CLEVELAND, Ohio – In 2014, shortly thereafter TO KISS had been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Gene Simmons was in a pensive mood – or as pensive as Simmons is.

“We are a group of people who came from New York and were absolutely unqualified,” Simmons said in a meeting with me to preview a July 2014 show here in Cleveland. “We decided to reunite the group that the fans had never seen on stage. “

The guidelines were pretty straightforward, he said, “Make your own rules. Don’t try to be another group, just be yourself. For 40 years, that’s what KISS has been.

“Country is fantastic, and rap is fantastic and pop girls are fantastic, but you can take a cowboy hat and put it on another act,” Simmons said in this interview. “It’s not unique. KISS, even if you hate it, is unique. ”

That’s probably one of the reasons you’ll likely see a full Quicken Loans Arena when Simmons and Paul Stanley, the last two founding members of the Hall of Fame group known for their makeup, flashy costumes, and shows, take to it. will stop on Sunday March 17. For the record, neither was available to be interviewed for this article.

The question, however, is whether this really is KISS’s farewell tour. After all, the band’s first sayonara took place in 2000, during a 142-gig getaway called “KISS Farewell Tour”. This has been dubbed the “KISS End of the Road Tour”.

What is true depends on the review you read. A The track on the band’s stop in early February in Southern California highlighted banners proclaiming it “The Final Tour Ever.” Critic Scott McDonald even said it “felt like a heartfelt farewell.”

“During their 20 song and over 2 hour set, the band repeatedly thanked San Diego for its role in their 45-year career, helping the band to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or that it served as a filming location. iconic photo inside their 1977 smash concert album, “KISS Alive II,” McDonald wrote.

“Stanley was quick to point out that KISS first performed in San Diego in 1974 and that he considered it an honor to come back to the city for one last show.”

But one Reviewing a show in Portland, Oregon a few days earlier had a completely different take.

“What the show was missing, other than a few vintage footage of KISS in the heyday of the ’70s, was real recognition from the band that this was’ the end of the road’, as the name of their tour suggests, ”wrote critic Robert Ham.

“Stanley has frequently referred to the first show they played in Portland, at the long-gone Paramount Theater, but there hasn’t been a time when so many other farewell tours have taken place that they’ve been doing it. are lingered on stage to drink the applause or an emotional speech about the distance they have come. They hit the clock and got in and out of Portland before the confetti hit the ground. ”

Simmons and Company have long been masters of merchandising. They were among the first groups to come up with a pinball game designed for them, and who can forget both the KISS “action figures” and the KISS makeup kits?

More recently, it was Simmons himself who passed through Cleveland last year on his Gene Simmons Vault Experiments to visit. The cost of this, which stopped at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on Saturday April 28, 2018, was $ 2,000.

“For that price, you can spend five minutes in a one-on-one conversation with him, and you get a collection of 10 CDs that the website describes as” a 50-year time capsule that serves as the soundtrack to my music. life, filled with songs that I wrote but never came out, ” ‘I wrote in the story to preview this.

It was the cheap version. The Home Experience cost $ 50,000 and allowed you to invite up to 25 of your friends to see it in your own home. Simmons declined to comment on whether there had been any Home Experience visits during his time in Cleveland, but admitted he viewed the 50,000 smackers as a bargain price.

“That’s half of what I usually get,” he said in the phone interview.

Stanley just turned 67 and Simmons will be 70 in August. Critics throughout this current tour have noted three things – first, that KISS (with longtime hired Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer in place of founders Peter Criss and Ace Frehley) spends about two hours on stage; two, that Simmons and Stanley are a little less physical in their performance; and third, the show still features the usual spitting blood and pyrotechnics that KISS fans have come to expect.

Either way, sputum and wait is pretty common for KISS shows. So it makes sense to expect something else: this isn’t the end, as long as there’s a dollar left in a KISS fan’s wallet.



What: The end of the road world tour.

When: 7:30 p.m. Sunday March 17.

Or: Quicken Loans Arena, 1 Court Central, Cleveland.

Tickets: $ 29.50 to $ 139.50, plus fees, at the box office, Discount Drug Mart outlets, and by phone at 1-888-894-9424.

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