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ANANTAPUR: An 11-year-old boy has fallen into a coma, which doctors suspect was the result of his cell phone addiction.

The boy, one of four children from Lingamma and Jammanna from Peddavaduguru mandal, was addicted to cell phone games. Her parents, both betting daily, said the standard VII student had been playing mobile games regularly for several months well after midnight, even after other family members had slept. Two days ago, the boy’s parents rushed him to hospital after he fell unconscious. Doctors sent him to Kurnool government hospital.

Kurnool’s doctors found damage to the nerves in his brain, which is said to take time to heal. The parents, meanwhile, are worried because the boy does not recognize them. Studies, while inconclusive, have suggested that smartphone addiction could damage a person’s brain, the gray matter that controls a person’s emotions, speech, sight, hearing, memory, and self-control.

According to the World Health Organization, screen time for young children should not exceed two hours per day. The Covid-19 situation, however, has fueled an increase in the number of children who have become addicted to cellphones.

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