Best T-Mobile phone deals available right now: February 2022

Whether you’re planning to jump over T-Mobile, leave your current carrier in the dust, or are ready to upgrade your old phone so it can, well, gather dust, there’s lots of deals to find.

Most of the time, however, there is fine print that you will have to read and try to decipher. Those fine print usually involve the type of phone you can trade in, how long the credits will be applied to your monthly bill, and whether or not there is a specific rate plan required to qualify.

I’ve spent some time going through T-Mobile’s list of promotions and offers and think I have a good grasp. Below are some of the best deals Uncarrier has to offer right now. Want to keep up to date with T-Mobile deals? Bookmark this page.

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The Magenta Max plan is the key to unlocking discounts


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T-Mobile will give you up to $800 to apply to any iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 model, making some absolutely free as long as you meet a few requirements. First, there’s the phone you’re trading; Next is the pricing plan you sign up for.

You’ll need to sign up for T-Mobile’s Magenta Max plan and trade in an iPhone X or newer or Galaxy S20 or newer. T-Mobile will also accept phones from OnePlus, Google, LG and Mototorla. Check with the carrier for specific models.

The credit will be split and applied to your bill over 24 months.

It all depends on your exchange


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Google’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are fantastic Android phones for those who don’t want another Samsung phone. Not that there’s anything wrong with Samsung phones, but sometimes you have to change it, you know?

T-Mobile is offering new and existing customers a deep discount on either Pixel 6 model. You’ll need to trade in your current phone, which determines the value of the credit you’ll receive, and sign up for the Magenta price plan. Max.

If you have an iPhone X or Galaxy S20 or newer, plus any of the specific phone models from OnePlus, Google, LG, and Motorola.

The credit you receive will be split and applied to your bill over 24 months.

More offers to consider

Samsung, Apple and Google phones aren’t the only discounts

T-Mobile has several other promotions running right now alongside deals on Pixel, iPhone, and Galaxy phones. However, most of these phones are entry level models which may not offer the best performance or older phones. That said, if you just need a phone, here are some options to consider:

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