Best soundbar 2022: Comparing Sonos Ray, Bose Smart Soundbar 900, Samsung and Hisense

As Australians were spending less time in the cinema and more time at home, we invested in the cinematic experience at home.

Australians have spent a lot of money on masks and new televisions, among other things. While today’s TVs are bigger, brighter and with more detail than ever before, they’re also thinner.

A thin TV will struggle to deliver sound that lines up with that big, beautiful screen. For any new television purchase, a soundbar is to be considered, and we are spoiled for choice.

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For small spaces

An apartment or bedroom is not necessarily the ideal location for a large speaker setup. That doesn’t mean you should suffer from bad sound.

The Sonos Ray ($399 RRP) is a tiny but mighty new soundbar. Easily able to fit into your entertainment unit where the VCR once lived, the Sonos Ray connects directly to your TV and works with your existing TV remote.

With excellent sound separation, this soundbar will enhance anything you watch on TV while also being a handy multi-room speaker when you prefer to listen to music.

When appearance matters

As many of us now mount our TVs on the wall, adding a soundbar underneath can impact the aesthetics of the room.

Samsung’s sleek and sophisticated S-series ($599 RRP) soundbar looks like it was designed by Marie Kondo encapsulating the less is more mentality.

Beneath the surface, however, there is nothing minimal. The five-channel soundbar with Dolby Atmos capabilities will fill your room with sound and can work with your Samsung TV speakers in conjunction for even better results. When you want a soundbar to be heard and not seen, this is the one.

Get moving for your dough

When you’ve spent a big buck on TV, asking permission to fund a soundbar can be a big ask.

You can, however, create a home theater experience while remaining cost-conscious. The Hisense U5120G ($799 RRP) is a wolf in sheep’s clothing with 5.1.2 channels of audio through an 11-speaker soundbar. Adding the subwoofer generates extra bass allowing the soundbar to radiate sound off the walls, ceiling, up and around you.

Hisense has added artificial intelligence to drive audio differently for movies, sports, and even games to take the guesswork out of tuning and equalizers. It’s cinema in a box.

Premium in every way

If you’ve invested in a high-end TV, pairing it with proper sound makes sense. The Bose Smart Soundbar 900 ($1,399 RRP) soundbar comes in a white or black design and spans the width of a 65-inch TV.

This soundbar’s Dolby Atmos experience is one of the best we’ve ever tested and will transform what you see on TV. The choice of Google or Amazon voice assistants on board will allow you to control the experience by voice but also to control the TV as well.

The included ADAPTiQ headphones will allow you to fine-tune the sound to suit where you’re sitting and if you want more punch in the future you can expand the system with a subwoofer and rear speakers.

In conclusion, almost any soundbar will enhance your TV sound experience. Whether it’s watching My Kitchen Rules, your favorite sports, or immersing yourself in a movie, audio plays a vital role in the experience. Pairing a good audio product with your TV is one that pays off big rewards.

Geoff Quattromani is the host of Unopened Technology podcast. Continue the conversation with Geoff on Twitter at @GQuattromani

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