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Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

Since Chronicles of Xenoblade debuted on the Wii years ago, fans are clamoring for a remaster of one of the best JRPGs of the century. We finally got it in May 2020. The Definitive edition features improved graphics, new soundtracks and hours of new content to enjoy in this emotional, thrilling and downright fun adventure.

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Hyrule Cadence

If you like rhythm games, dungeon crawlers and Zelda, this is basically your dream game. In this addicting collaboration between Nintendo and Brace Yourself Games, you’ll dance Hyrule and crush monsters while dancing to the beat of an earworm from an original soundtrack.

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Valley of stars

If virtual farming is your jam, Valley of stars is an open-ended country life RPG that you might fall in love with. You inherited the old farm plot from your grandfather and now is your chance to bring it to life with all kinds of animals and vegetation. Not only that, you can make friendships with the people of the city and romanticize them if you want. Valley of stars is a part Sims, a classic adventure game in part, and all the fun.

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Super Mario Odyssey

Wa-ha-hoo! This is Mario’s flagship adventure on Switch, and it’s a great adventure. Through a series of gorgeous levels about to crush an infamous wedding, you’ll be able to collect coins, jump on Goombas, and make friends with a cool hat. If you love classic Nintendo or need more wonder in your life, this is a must-have.

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Sure, the Switch has plenty of brilliant, family-friendly dishes, but that might not be what you like. If you want something stranger, try Paratopic. It’s a short but focused dose of surreal horror, telling the tale of videotapes that might be haunted and a series of journeys that don’t turn out the way they’re supposed to. This is the game for those who prefer to edit a David Lynch movie when it’s time to chill out.

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After the party

Hell is just an afterparty, and this game of the same name takes that saying to a whole new level. You play as best friends Milo and Lola as they try to come to terms with their untimely demise, escape their literal personal demons, and convince Satan to bring them back to Earth. If you like witty, dark, grown-up humor that also has a lot of heart, check out this game.

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Ring shaped adventure

If you want to get in better shape while you play, Ring shaped adventure is probably the best buy you can make for the Switch. Coming with its own peripherals that turn Nintendo Joy-Con controllers into a neat exercise ring, this game takes you through a role-playing adventure that you earn by working your heart out. It is one of the best exercise games in terms of fun. Don’t play it too long; you will have pain in the morning.

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Into the breach

This independent gem of Subset Games, the studio behind FTL: faster than light, will keep you awake all night long in a tactical game that looks like a mix of robot warfare, tower defense and chess. While not quite as famous as some of the other entries on this list, it more than deserves a place in your Switch library.

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Luigi’s mansion 3

Poor Luigi is still in his brother’s shadow. That’s unfortunate, as he’s the star of a stellar haunted house game series that sees the taller, more flying brother catching ghosts with a fancy vacuum cleaner. It’s the perfect choice if you prefer underdogs, like the idea of ​​horror games (but get scared easily), or if you really like ghost hunters.

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A mind control facility. Secret science experiments. People and creatures trying to hurt you around every corner, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Inside is a dark puzzle platformer game that tests your problem-solving skills as much as your nerves, while telling a gripping story through nothing but gameplay and visuals. Inside is a work of art.

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Set in a world of magic and art from medieval times, Fire Emblem: Three Houses it’s a bit like Harry potter if it was about teaching people to wage war and there was no problematic creator. If you enjoy slow tactical battles and dealing with complex social systems, this is for you. It helps if you like snacks.

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Untitled Goose Game

For lovers of chaos everywhere, Untitled Goose Game is simple: you are a goose. You want to steal things and cause trouble in a small English village. And so you will. Bright, silly, and incredibly entertaining, this is one of the best indie games on Switch. (Little kids love it.)

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Celeste is a stimulating and moving journey to climb a mountain and learn to accept yourself. Another jaw-dropping indie game, this one is great for players who miss the 2D platformer games of yore and aren’t afraid of dying multiple times on their way to the top. Be ready to face your demons.

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Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is one of those rare games that has transcended its Kickstarter origins and become a cultural phenomenon. This magnificent and haunting story of a solitary insect in a post-apocalyptic world will leave you spellbound. While many praise it for being one of the best “metroidvanias” of all time, it really is the ambiance that makes it an unforgettable experience.

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Super Mario Maker 2

Playing Mario games are awesome sure, but how about making your own? Super Mario Maker 2 is the ultimate creative console experience – a way to create your own Mario levels and share your creations with the world. If you just like to play Mario, there’s plenty for you here too, with an almost endless array of mind-blowing and expertly-designed levels to explore.

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Fire watch

Sometimes we have to get away from anything that has stressed us out. For Henry, it’s watching his wife slowly deteriorate from a debilitating illness. After his wife returns to live with her family, Henry volunteers to watch fires in a remote mountain range. His only source of human contact – and companionship – is Delilah, his patron saint. Lots of weird and funny things happen on the mountain, but eventually Fire watch is a touching story about the ups and downs of life.

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Kentucky Highway Zero

Kentucky Route Zero is the Platonic ideal of the modern adventure game. It’s beautifully written, incisive, poetry in motion and in play. One of the best games of the decade, it’s all over and released on Switch. Take it with you to bed, relax, meditate on it for a while. Try not to learn too much about this one. Go there thoughtfully.

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Gorogoa is the best looking puzzle game on Nintendo Switch, hands down. Occupy a world that slowly unfolds like a painting in this ingenious and touching puzzle game. You can get this one on many platforms, but it’s a perfect fit for the Switch.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Another game that you might already be familiar with, but we can’t leave this one off the list. A great accessible fighting game manna, this one includes just about every Nintendo adjacent character you could want. It’s a perfect board game and quite fun to explore on your own.

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The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

If you prefer the adventures of a noble hero and his cool two-dimensional sword, this Game Boy game remake Link’s Awakening is the best you’ll find on the Switch. It’s a weird and quirky game, but it packs a ton of heart and a lot of beauty. Help Link save a mysterious dream island and return home.

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