Aurora recycling center now accepts aerosol products and small propane tanks


Residents of Kane County can now take advantage of expanded recycling offers at the Aurora Recycling Center located at 911 N. Lake St. The Expanded Recycling Program is in partnership with Kane County, VetTech, eWorks Electronics and Flat Can Recycling.

Aerosol products and small propane tanks are now accepted on appliances, clothing and textiles, holiday lights, electronics, monitors and televisions, and scrap metal.

The center is open for drop-offs Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Recycling fees of $ 1 per aerosol can, $ 3.50 per propane tank, and $ 25-35 per TV / monitor apply. Cash and credit card payments are accepted on site.

The center is located in the former Specialty Textile Group building and is now overseen by VetTech, a veteran-run non-profit organization dedicated to long-term and thriving relationships with communities in need.

Recycling services are made possible by eWorks, the county’s contracted electronics recycler, and Flat Can Recycling, a company committed to making aerosol product recycling accessible.

“Thanks to our partners at eWorks, VetTech and Kane County, we are delighted that Aurora residents now have the ability to divert their aerosol and propane products from landfills and incineration. for responsible reuse and disposal, ”said Kat Gordon, Honcho Chef at Flat Can Recycling. “Kane County continues to impress with its eco-friendly practices and more municipalities should take note.”

For a detailed breakdown of accepted items, please see the Aerosol and Propane Product List at Or the list of accepted electronics at and the list of textiles at

Any resident, retailer, business, municipality or community organizer interested in getting involved in aerosol and propane tank recycling can email [email protected] to book an information call.

Flat Can Recycling is on a mission to change disposal practices in the communities they serve around the Chicago area. Through partnerships with other closed-loop processors and experts in responsible disposal of specialized materials, the company is able to document every step of the recycling process in its commitment to transparency and to make product recycling accessible by aerosol.

eWorks Electronics Services Inc. was established in 2009 to create employment opportunities for people with disabilities. eWorks accomplishes this mission by providing competitive recycling, refurbishment and resale services for all types of office and industrial technology and consumer electronics, including computers, tablets, servers, monitors and LCD displays, scanners, copiers and network equipment, power supplies, televisions, stereos, cell phones and household appliances.

VetTech supports individuals and initiatives dedicated to promoting community development, prosperity and innovation and is committed to leading by example to continually foster an environment of inclusion, cultural competence and opportunity for them. veterans, their families and all protected classes.


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