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Mobile devices with operating system android they are full of hidden functions that facilitate the daily experience with the equipment, but also allow the user to download an infinity of applications that will help him in various tasks. Have you ever thought that your mobile phone will not only be used to send WhatsApp messages, take the best photos, but also record any sound around you even if the screen is completely off? For this there is a great trick that we will explain in detail here.

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In smartphones linked to Google, various tasks can be performed, such as charging them without the need to use a socket, boosting the signal in seconds, activating the best gestures or creating a shortcut to open the camera and not miss this special photograph. All this can be done in the easiest way, as well as the main topic of this note.


As much as your team android seems to be running out of battery or turned off, it can record the sounds around you, such as a conversation, a snore if you fell asleep, a paranormal event in the early morning or whatever you want through an application available on the Google Play Store which will record a sound every time you hear something, how to use it? Pay attention.

  • The first thing will be to download the application ‘Dream Conversation Recorder’. You have to search for it in the virtual store for Android devices or by clicking on this link go straight.
  • Although this app can record if you snore at night or talk in your sleep, it will also do so with any sound.
  • To activate the application before going to sleep, you just need to enter it. Once inside, click on the large square logo where a kind of hammock appears next to a microphone.
  • Turn off your Android phone screen.
Do you talk, mumble, snore or laugh in your dreams?  With Dream Talk Recorder, you will find out.  (Picture: Google Play Store)
Do you talk, mumble, snore or laugh in your dreams? With Dream Talk Recorder, you will find out. (Picture: Google Play Store)
  • The next morning, enter the app and check your records in the “History” section where you can detect if you snored or if there was paranormal sound in your room.
  • If you find any of your recordings interesting, from the app you can upload it to Dropbox (it appears at the bottom) or share it on Facebook, Twitter or other services (the option is in the bottom corner law).

From the Google Play Store they indicate that ‘Dream Talk Recorder’ is a smart voice recorder that has been used by over 5 million people to record their late night conversations and snoring! Automatically filters silences and records in high quality (also available on iOS). your sleep? Find out tonight!”. Do you dare to try it from your Android smartphone?

How to Block Unwanted Calls on Your Android Phone

  • Download the Google Phone app.
  • If your device has an Android operating system, it may come by default, otherwise you will need to download it.
  • Open the app and tap on the three vertical dots icon located in the upper right corner.
  • Click here on “Settings” then on “Caller ID and Spam”.
  • There you have to activate the three options: “Show caller ID and spam”, “Filter unwanted calls” and “Verified calls”.
  • This way, when someone calls you, you will be able to know who the contact is and you will also see a warning if it is spam or not.

What is the little hole on the top of your Android phone for?

  • some terminals android They also incorporate another hole in the upper part and very similar to the one below. What is that? You are probably wondering.
  • Well, it is also another microphone and the peculiarity of this second hole is that it is in charge of reducing or canceling noise from the outside or from your environment.
  • In this way, your calls will be much clearer and you will not hear, for example, what is happening in a construction, traffic, among others.


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