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It’s officially 2022 and generally January means cold weather and snowfall, especially here in western New York.

After a rather mild December for Buffalo, we are coming back to reality regarding the winter weather, and the first big storm of the winter season is soon arriving for Buffalo and western New York.

The National Weather Service has just published a Winter storm watch for the counties of Erie, Genesee and Wyoming from Wednesday evening to Tuesday evening. This includes the city of Buffalo and the northern towns.

How much snow could we get? Well that could be a lot, but the exact totals are not yet known as it is Monday.

Total snowfall of at least 9 inches is possible, but it could be more, depending on the trajectory and trend of the lakefront snow band hitting western New York.

Wednesday will start off mild – around 40 degrees, but the cold front will shift which will bring temperatures down and since Lake Erie is completely thawed, that means the lake effect snow machine will be equipped.

Winds will also be a problem, with gusts of up to 40 mph. This, along with the heavy snow, will make driving extremely difficult. Travel may sometimes be impossible due to the very low visibility.

It looks like Niagara County will be spared as the lakefront strip seeks to focus on southern towns and the city of Buffalo, but the exact path of the strip is not yet known.

The fact that a winter storm watch has been issued for more than two days is usually bad news, and that likely means it will be replaced by a winter storm or lake effect snow warning in the near future.

Best to make preparations now and maybe work from home if possible on Thursday.

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