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In today’s electronics-driven society, everyone wants the latest tech toys, but these devices are usually expensive. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t affordable, fun, and interesting choices for tech enthusiasts! In this article, we will take a look at the latest inexpensive tech gadgets. Each of the tech accessories is modern, useful, and fun.

11 tech gadgets we love

Imagine – you no longer have to squint to see photos on your smartphone. With the AnCoSoo 12 “mobile phone screen magnifier, you can easily magnify your phone screen up to four times, which means you never have to squint to see your phone. focus on the fine print, enjoy photos and watch movies without eye strain.

Fall asleep easily by wearing these sleep headphones with Bluetooth 5.0 wireless music that doubles as a sleep mask. The breathable mask material blocks light and conforms to the contours of your face perfectly. With the built-in headphones, you can simultaneously listen to music to muffle irritating background noises without worrying about headphones getting lost in the night or pesky headphone cords.

For the DIY enthusiasts among us, this is the perfect technical accessory. The universal socket is constructed from stainless steel and easily adjusts to accommodate a variety of sizes and shapes. It’s fully pocket-sized, so you can carry it anywhere. While it might not be the usual tech accessory you think of, it’s great for sorting out all of your tech around the house.

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Electronic accessories organizer bag

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Compact for easy travel

  • Several elastic straps and a zipped interior compartment

  • Exterior handle for easy transport

  • Waterproof and robust exterior

  • Some note that the zipper is not the strongest

This small travel bag has been designed for the needs of the tech lover. It fits all your power cords and keeps them tidy on the go. Zippered and compact, this bag fits easily in a carry-on, satchel or purse so you always know where your accessories are.

Twitfish Multifunction Pen

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Advantages and disadvantages

  • Fits easily in a pocket or purse

  • 6 in 1 function

The TwitFish lightweight multi-tool pen works great on all electric devices as a stylus and it’s also a ballpoint pen, screwdriver (phillips and flathead), leveling tool and ruler all in one. However, Amazon often sells this product, so be sure to add it to the cart when you see it available.

This Hinshark Snowflake multi-tool fits easily in your pocket to repair your gadgets and more on the go. The tool has 18 different functions including a Phillips and flathead screwdriver, Allen wrench, box cutter, bottle opener, and more, all in a neat little design.


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Advantages and disadvantages

  • Fits all wrist sizes

  • Versatile and easy to use

  • A little bulky

  • May not be suitable for all technologies

When you are working on your gadgets there are a lot of little screws, springs and more that are easy to lose. If you find yourself constantly dropping them or not able to keep up with your Allen wrench, this magnetic bracelet can save your life. Practical as always, we recommend that you be careful if the technology you are working on does not have to be near a magnet.

Your computer can quickly collect dust and debris, but nothing does quite as much as your keyboard. ColorCoral Cleaning Gel Keyboard Cleaner easily removes dust and dirt from the keyboard – and the rest of your computer – without damaging the delicate mechanism. As fun to use as it is practical, this gel cleaner was also on a list of the best Best Buys laptop accessories.


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Advantages and disadvantages

  • Completely waterproof and shielded

  • Zipped pocket for storage

  • Integrated straps for mounting

  • Sustainable

  • Not compatible with all phones

Riding a bike takes as much concentration as driving a car, so you need both hands on the handlebars. With the bicycle frame phone holder, you can still take that call, use your phone’s GPS, and listen to music easily without tying your hands. For cyclists who love their tech, this tech accessory is a must.

Protect your credit card information with the Minimalist Slim Metal RFID Blocking Contactless Card Protector. It fits easily in your pocket and can hold up to eight credit cards comfortably and securely. It replaces traditional wallets and you can easily access the right card with a cascading mechanism. Available in two colors, you can also opt for a money clip version.

A good torch is worth its weight in gold and it is very practical. With three LED lights, it easily illuminates nooks and crannies and can expand to reach inaccessible places. But what makes this touch even better is that it’s magnetic, allowing it to pick up metallic objects you’ve dropped in hard-to-reach places. Try out the Magnetic Telescopic Pickup Tool with 3 LED Lights to light up those dark areas and easily pick up whatever you’ve dropped.

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