Activist, Carlos Chaverst Jr., founder of the Carlos Chaverst Foundation

Carlos Chaverst Jr. said his Foundation would help with anything in the community, from gifts to solving homicides. (Photo provided)

Compiled by Ryan Michaels

The Birmingham Times

Birmingham, known as the birthplace of civil rights history, still today has many strong voices pushing for change locally and across the country. Within the activist community are those fighting for environmental justice, justice system reform, and better connectivity between communities, among others. But these people all have one thing in common: a better quality of life for everyone.

Here is one of those voices.

Last name: Carlos Chaverst Jr.

Age: 29

Organization: Carlos Chaverst Foundation

Your passion: “We focus on the direct needs of the moment, and it varies…gifts, funds for information about the murders, connecting people in need with other organisations. We host an annual brunch for the holiday of mothers, where we invite mothers to a free brunch, and we give away televisions and… have offers for all the mothers who come just as a token of appreciation. It’s kind of hard to put a timeline because we are always doing something.

What a better Birmingham looks like: “A better Birmingham is one where everyone has equal opportunities and economic freedom. Right now, 1% of Birmingham lives in wealth…Birmingham’s wealth makeup looks exactly like the wealth makeup of the entire United States of America. 1 percent of the United States of America lives really rich. Meanwhile, 99% of the country is in trouble. For me a better Birmingham is where people have opportunities and fair jobs and skills where they don’t have to rob people, [where] they don’t kill people.

“A better Birmingham is where you have leaders you really believe in because they really work on behalf of the people who elected them. A better Birmingham is just making sure you have a top-notch school system in the country, that you can brag about your school system. . I sincerely believe that Birmingham will not be as progressive as it could be, but that has nothing to do with electing young people. It has more to do with electing the right people.

Favorite quote: “Activists are not made. They were born.” – Birmingham activist Frank Matthews

“Injustice everywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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