A space engineer makes a cordless rotary phone and takes us back to the 90s

With advancements in technology, we are seeing the emergence of newer and better gadgets, but we can’t forget the good old vintage cars, phones and radios, can we? Speaking of which, when you see landlines and wired phones today, it brings back memories of the past, right?

To give these people a touch of nostalgia, a company has designed something called the Rotary Un-Smartphone. You can only receive and make calls from this phone. It’s as if the antique rotary telephone has become cordless and can be carried anywhere.

This unique Rotary One smartphone was designed by space engineer and inventor Justin Haupt. Most 90s kids saw phones with plastic dials at home, and this phone uses the same dial system. Rotary Un-Smartphone has all the functionality of a basic phone.

It is small in appearance and gives a cool and retro look. Justin Haupt, while talking about this phone, said that this phone has a completely different smartphone concept than the touchscreen. He explained that it was the second version of the rotary cell phone.

The phone is very beautiful to look at and seeing it brings back memories of old times when we only had wired phones to call people. This phone has a mechanical power switch and OLED on the front, while the back has e-paper.

There is a plastic rotary dial system. Users can also create their contact lists, but the rotating dial is the iconic feature to notice. You can use the speed dial function as needed. Currently, the phones are sold as kits and are not offered as ready-to-use devices. The kit is priced at Rs 30,000.

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