A minimalist accessory for the digital nomad The Laptop Strap ™ is “a camera strap for your laptop”

LOS ANGELES, October 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Digital nomad, award-winning inventor and poet Todd boss spear Laptop strap, a patent pending adhesive accessory that turns your laptop into a portable device. The laptop strap makes it easy to throw your laptop over your shoulder and stay on the go without excess luggage, like a camera strap.

The laptop strap is ideal for the growing mobile workforce and the gig economy. The industrial adhesive allows all remote workers, students and others to avoid having to manage bulky bags between offices, classrooms, co-working spaces and cafes. Inspired by Marie-Kondo style trends, the laptop strap is minimally designed.

Like a camera strap, The Laptop Strap is positioned to disrupt consumer electronics categories like laptop cases, sleeves and bags, just as Pop Sockets has changed the way consumers manage their phones.

“In 2018, I sold all my belongings and left my lease to become a nomad with two suitcases, and I needed a porting solution as flexible as me”, says Todd boss, inventor and founder of Free Agent Outfitters. “Three years since its inception, I have since toured the world on a series of 30 home-sits with my laptop safely by my side. The laptop strap is perfect for this new remote working economy. post-pandemic concert-oriented. “

Lab tested at 110 pounds, it can be combined with straps, sleeves and holsters to suit any style and be removed without leaving residue. It’s available in three sizes and two styles – Heather Gray Nylon and Grained Black Vegan Leather – with more styles to come, for select Mac, Chromebook, and Surface devices. Prices start at $ 39.99. Climate neutral certification is in progress. The product is ready to ship and available now on www.thelaptopstrap.com and on Amazon.

About Free Agent Outfitters
Currently based at Long beach, california, founder Todd boss is the inventor and poet who designed The Laptop Strap. The laptop strap was designed with major support from Portland Ore.-based Cera Crockett (Design PDX) and Londonbased on Rock Galpin (Rock Galpin Designs). It is made in China by custom enclosure design and manufacturing company Tetrafab of Indianapolis. Photos by Sara Jordan of Austin. Minneapolis-based on Kick made the branding.

Media contact Amy McCallister-Ethel, [email protected]
Inventor Todd boss, [email protected], 651-644-1566
Website thelaptopstrap.com

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