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Audio brand JBL recently launched the Tour One headphones – a premium over-ear headphone – in India. the JBL Tour One headphones are priced at Rs 24,999. We got our hands on the headphones and here’s what we think of the product.

JBL Tour One Helmet: Design

The JBL Tour One are over-ear headphones that feel a bit heavy on the head initially, but the fit is quite comfortable and the earcups close and sit nicely around the ears. The left earbud comes with a USB Type-C charging port and a button for ANC. The right earbud comes with a Bluetooth toggle, volume buttons and a port for wired connection. The product also offers a wired connection that you can use as per your choice.

The JBL Tour One’s earcups are connected by a metal band that’s surrounded by a soft covering at the top to rest comfortably on the head. The exterior of the earbuds and the outer body, thanks to a matte finish, register fingerprints very poorly, so if you keep your headphones inside the protective cover after using them, you won’t have to worry about their cleanliness.

The inside of the ear cups have “L” and “R” markings to help you identify the correct way to wear the headphones. There are also two thin shiny metallic stripes on the earcups, one on each, to indicate which is the left/right earcup. Overall, the headphones have an understated, premium finish in a dark color scheme.

JBL Tour One headphones: performance

With high bitrate music files, we had a rather pleasant experience with the JBL Tour One. If you’re using a music streaming service that provides you with songs with a bitrate of 320kbps and above, you’ll have a great time with the JBL Tour One, with clear vocal reproduction, optimal bass levels, and clear output. treble. The bass came out mostly balanced with rock and instrumental music and very balanced with electronic house music. A few tracks we listened to on JBL Tour One were “I Hate Everything About You” by Three Days Grace, “Familiar Taste of Poison” and “Loves Bites (So Do I)” by Halestorm, “Love Me Again” by John Newman, ‘Are You With Me’ by Lost Frequencies and ‘Sugar’ (ft. Francesco Yates) by Robin Schulz.

Besides electronic music junkies, rock music fans also have something to look forward to with the Tour One, provided they use high bitrate files. If you happen to be an EDM nut, the Tour One sounds excellent. Electronic music is rich and full, with crisp vocals and deep, punchy bass in the case of a few songs that expressly require it. When it comes to Metal music, it can be a hit or a miss with these headphones depending on the track.

We felt the sound stood out quite well in the 60-70% volume range when using a smartphone.

If you’re going to use YouTube for listening (which we wouldn’t want you to, but just in case), increasing the volume to 80-90% will get it working for some of you; those who can listen at this loud volume for certain tracks. If you’re okay with boosting volume levels on YouTube, certain genres like electronic music and other soft music will sound just about fine with these headphones. Otherwise, we wouldn’t recommend the JBL Tour One for a YouTube music video. And in fact, it’s not the headset’s fault in this case as high bitrate files on YouTube are few compared to the deluge of low bitrate media.

After listening for about an hour at volume levels of 60-70 we could feel the ears warming up and after another song or two it became necessary to lift the ear cups as it became uncomfortable. So, after using it for more than an hour straight, you might want to lift the ear cups as they can get warm.

With Ambient Aware enabled, faint background sounds in there will be let in. For example, suppose you are sitting on your balcony listening to music. With Ambient Aware enabled, very faint sounds in the air, such as someone’s loud voice from a neighboring house, the faint sound of a breeze, etc. can be clearly felt or if you are in the office, the surrounding chatter will reverberate. Of course, disabling Ambient Aware doesn’t mean loud noises will also be excluded, but it does keep quiet surrounding sounds out.

We actually had a bit of trouble pairing the headphones with a laptop via Bluetooth initially, but with a smartphone pairing was all within seconds.

The JBL Tour One takes over two hours to fully charge via laptop. After fully charged, the JBL Tour One can last about 4-5 days if you use it about an hour or so on average.

As for the Bluetooth range, it’s close to a solid 10-12 meters, so you can leave your phone in your room or cubicle and switch to the adjacent one while wearing the headphones without any connection issues. We’ve found connectivity to be quite strong across the range, with walls and doorways not affecting it.


Sonically, the JBL Tour One headphones are great for listening to electronic music and good enough for some rock tunes as well. The construction is premium, the headphones are lightweight and have very strong Bluetooth connectivity with good range. If you mainly listen to soft electronic music and occasionally rock, and want a premium option under Rs 30,000, the JBL Tour One is quite capable of putting a smile on your face while listening.


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