Do you want to request a mini loan in Belgium, have you received an unexpected bill or do you just need some extra money quickly? At mini loan you borrow money when you need it.




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A mini loan in Belgium is intended to absorb a sudden financial setback. For example, if your washing machine suddenly breaks down and you need money quickly to have it repaired. Or when you have to pay a telephone bill immediately, otherwise you will be cut off. This loan is not intended to finance consumer expenditure. A loan is only suitable if you have sufficient financial scope within the loan term to repay the amount to us.

Make sure that the term of the loan is short. Make a well-considered choice and never borrow too much, so that you can repay within the term. We do a credit check with every application and if we consider it not justified to expire a loan, we will reject the application.

What happens if I do not repay within the deadline?

If you do not repay within the loan period, you will receive a reminder from us. The amount of the fine depends on the amount that you have borrowed from us. When you receive the fine, you will be given an extra seven days to pay the loan, including costs and reminder. If you are also unable to repay within this extra period of seven days, you will receive another reminder from us. You will again be given an additional seven days to make the refund. After the second reminder, a third reminder can be charged. When you make a payment including a reminder, you can submit a new application after processing your payment.