Borrowing cheap money is what everyone wants.

And it is possible, but for that all requirements and conditions must be carefully considered. You can quickly take out a loan, provided that everything has been properly considered. This may make it possible to buy that one beautiful, expensive product for which you have been saving for a long time faster than planned, such as a car, boat or perhaps the further decoration of your home. On this page you can find information about what you can borrow cheaply and from which providers you can borrow as cheaply as possible.

The Interest

A loan costs more than the amount you have borrowed in almost all cases. Suppose you borrow $ 5000, this could mean that you have to pay back a total of $ 6000 over time. The € 1,000 extra consists of closing costs, administration costs, interest and the risk that this party has had.

Interest is an important factor in the loan. Borrowing cheap money mainly depends on the last possible percentage of interest that you have to pay. How high the interest is, and how cheaply you can borrow money, depends on several factors: the term of the loan, the total amount of the loan and the circumstances of the borrower.

The safer it is for the bank to borrow money, the less interest you have to pay. So you can calculate yourself to borrow money cheaply.

Borrowing cheaply means lower monthly costs

Borrowing money, which mainly involves larger amounts, is cheaper as the length of the repayment period increases. The longer the term, the lower the interest will be. You pay a part of the amount every month, and the longer the term, the lower the repayment per month will be. In this way, it is an option to make it possible to borrow money cheaply, without ultimately paying the 'main price'.

The providers

There are some well-known providers of cheap loans. The Intrasavings site, for example, is a well-known provider. This site offers all kinds of options for borrowing cheap money: Taking out a cheap loan with reasonably low interest The site Lender is also a provider of cheap loans. With the calculation module on the site you can immediately see how much you can borrow and how cheaply you can borrow money.

The cheapest loans

As a rule of thumb for the interest to be paid: the smaller the risk provider of the loan, the cheaper the loan will be for you. If the bank or another lender has certainty that he will ever be able to get the amount back if you fail to meet your obligations - for example by having your home as collateral - borrowing cheap money is very possible.

Comparison sites

We compare all, or almost all, small loans that are currently being offered. This mainly concerns mini-loans. This site compares by comparing all interest rates of the different providers. With the overview of this site it is possible to see which loan is the best and which is cheap, and which loan can be chosen best to borrow as cheaply as possible.