9 Worthwhile Futuristic DIY Projects

Do you like to tinker with a good tech DIY project? Maybe you want to go beyond and try something futuristic? Well, in that case, these nine buzz-worthy futuristic projects will tickle your fancy.

They range from fun projects like the cyberpunk mask to practical projects like the coronavirus detector. So have fun finding your favorite or try each one at a time whenever you have some down time.

1. Back to the Future Futuristic Clock

If you’re a diehard Back to the Future movie fan but can’t seem to find the right props, you can always build your own. This futuristic BTTF-style clock is a great place to start.

In addition to displaying the exact time when the ever-cool Marty took a trip down memory lane and into the future, this retro-style clock also tells you the current time. It requires a bunch of supplies, but they’re easy to find, and this Instructable guide breaks down the DIY instructions.

2. Coronavirus detector

The COVID-19 pandemic shook the world in 2020, resulting in global shutdowns. Although the infectious state is now much lessened, new cases are still being reported daily and you will never know when you will encounter an infected person.

That’s why you should consider building this practical yet futuristic coronavirus detector. It’s based on a digital infrared temperature sensor and looks like a gas mask, but much cooler thanks to glowing eyes. Check out this Hackster guide for a list of the supplies you need to get started and the steps to follow.

3. EGG: the futuristic stopwatch

Ever wanted a good stopwatch? They are expensive, but you can avoid buying them by building your own by following this Instructable guide. And it’s much cooler than the standard chronograph because it’s shaped like an egg. In addition, it can be used as a wall safe. Although unique, we loved it because it’s quite easy to build and you can customize it however you want.

4. Retro Futuristic USB Flash Drive

Do you have a bunch of damaged USB sticks that you don’t want to throw away? You can turn one into this incredibly unique retro USB flash drive. It looks like the incredibly futuristic electron data crystals in movies like Stranger Things. It even has that special glow and is so cool that everyone will want one. Check out this well-rounded Instructable guide to see the supplies you need and DIY instructions.

You can get more creative if this particular design isn’t your thing. So here are some other awesome DIY USB drives you can build.

5. Cyberpunk Mask

Hate wearing a regular mask because it makes breathing difficult or doesn’t fully protect you from polluted air? This futuristic cyberpunk mask on Hackster.io is exactly what you need to build. It has breathing vents that open when the air is clean and suitable for breathing, allowing you to rest inside the mask all the time. The breathing holes remain open when the air is slightly polluted and close when the air is not breathable.

But what makes it even cooler are the three status lights that glow different colors, including green when the air is or isn’t conducive to breathing. The best part? It looks so cool you’ll walk around looking like a daft punk member. It’s both functional and perfect for bending, and it can add that awesome pizzazz to your Halloween costume.

6. Retro-futuristic 10W LED lamp

Want a cool lighting feature for your desk or workstation? Discover this retro-futuristic LED lamp. Although the initial construction costs are quite high, it is incredibly economical in the long run as it lowers your electricity bill. Plus, it’s more efficient than standard lights and doesn’t require extensive DIY knowledge; but it just calls this well-detailed Instructable guide to building one. Here are other DIY LED projects you can work on in your spare time.

7. Milk Pack Futuristic Solar Powered Toy Car

The beauty of DIY projects, especially tech ones, is that you can turn everyday items into cool gadgets. For example, this futuristic milk pack solar toy car turns an ordinary milk pack into a solar-powered toy car that your DIY nieces or nephews will love.

So please don’t throw away that packet of milk when you’re done. Turn it into a handy and super cool solar powered toy car that you can gift to that mini me in your life or anyone who loves a good DIY product. Check out this Instructables tutorial to complete the project.

8. True Back to the Future Delorean

There’s no denying that Back to the Future is one of the most futuristic film series to ever grace our silver screens. Despite being over three decades old, the franchise remains popular among the masses. It contained a ton of cool gadgets and predicted the emergence of technologies like tablets and smart glasses. One of the really cool gadgets featured in the movie is the flying Delorean, and you can easily build one by following this Instructable guide.

9. OpenVFD: 6-digit VFD IV-11 tube clock

There are many fantastic ways to turn an ordinary clock into something from the future, and this OpenVFD: 6 Digit Tube Clock is one example. It’s Arduino-powered to not only display the time, but it’s also colorfully illuminated and can dance, glow, or turn into a unique rainbow.

It shines in a crisp teal color thanks to vacuum fluorescent displays (VFDs) that you can easily get from consumer electronics. If you’d like to give it a try, this well-researched Instructable guide is for you. It breaks down the concept of the clock and highlights the supplies and steps to build one. Also check out the video illustration above to see what it looks like and how it works.

Check out these DIY alarm clocks to start the morning off right if you need to add an alarm to your futuristic clock.

Build futuristic gadgets with your DIY skills

You don’t have to be part of the Tesla team to create innovative or futuristic gadgets. You need a great tutorial or guide to create something that will knock the pants off anyone lucky enough to see your projects.

From a cool-looking coronavirus detector gas mask to a cyberpunk mask that’ll have you walking around like you’re in an alien movie, we’ve compiled nine trendy futuristic DIY projects to get you started. Try building one, or if you’re incredibly into DIY, try them all. Consider adjusting them to your liking, or you can always make them exactly as highlighted.

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