8 awesome gadgets for your tiny home

No matter how organized you are, living in a small space comes with its challenges. For starters, there isn’t as much room to store your things. You are forced to forgo the conveniences of household appliances (like your dishwasher or coffee machine) and live a minimalist lifestyle.

Fortunately times have changed. Smaller appliances are now available thanks to advancements in modern technology and the growing popularity of mini-houses. But if you don’t know what to buy to keep your limited living space functional, take a look at these cool gadgets that will fit right into your humble abode.

1. Cordless hand-held vacuum cleaner

hand with a cordless hand vacuum cleaner
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The only advantage of living in a small house? There is a smaller area to clean. But that doesn’t mean cleaning products don’t deserve a place in your home. After all, you always have to deal with dirt, especially when guests come.

That said, it’s handy to have cleaning tools that don’t take up too much space in your living room, like a compact cordless hand vacuum. These mini vacuums can’t deep clean your home like the big ones, but they’re good enough at quickly removing crumbs from countertops and pet hair from your sofa.

The best hand vacuums have powerful batteries that can pick up more debris and run longer. Other model innovations include washable filters, various accessories, easy-to-empty dust containers, and wall-mounted designs for flexible storage.


2. Multicooker

When working in a compact kitchen, it makes more sense to have fewer kitchen appliances to save countertop space. This is why having a multicooker is a must.

With a multicooker, you can simmer, roast, pressure cook and boil everything in the same device. Newer models even come with extra features, from air frying to making yogurt. This makes it easier for you to prepare a multitude of healthy meals, such as steamed vegetables, oatmeal, dumplings and yogurt.

The best part is, you don’t have to worry about burning your meal. All you have to do is add the ingredients to the multicooker, press the corresponding button, and sit down while the appliance takes care of the rest.

3. Portable coffee maker

Wacaco minipresso next to coffee beans

Don’t want to use up your precious counter space for a full-size coffee machine, but can’t function properly without a shot of caffeine? Instead, get a portable coffee maker.

This ingenious product can brew your cup of coffee with just the push of a button. It doesn’t take up much space and fits easily in a drawer. You can even take it with you to bed, to your home office, or just about anywhere. Just put it in your bag and brew yourself a fine cup of coffee, even on the go.

4. Hand steamer

A handheld steamer is an ideal solution for people who attend business meetings often but don’t have the space to set up a full-size ironing station. It’s designed to quickly straighten clothes on the hanger without the need for that bulky ironing board, making it a great way to keep your clothes fresh and wrinkle-free.

When it comes to clothes made from delicate fabrics like suit jackets and silk blouses, a handheld steamer is a definite plus. And since it’s so portable and lightweight, you can easily use it around the home to refresh pillow shams, drapes, and more.

5. Smart display

It’s good to have a good cookbook lying around in the kitchen, especially since it’s inconvenient to watch YouTube tutorials while cooking (you don’t want to repeatedly touch your phone with your fingers. messy hands). However, cookbooks tend to take up valuable counter space that could have been used for other important kitchen appliances.

This is where a smart display comes in handy. Besides answering virtually anything you ask, this nifty device can walk you through a hands-free recipe. All you have to do is say a few voice commands, and it’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to make your favorite baked salmon dish.

Smart displays are also a great alternative to traditional photo frames as they can display photos for you as well. You won’t have to clutter your space with 20 frames just to fit your whole family.

6. Portable mixer

Breakfast smoothies don’t have to be a thing of the past just because you have a small kitchen. In cases like this, a portable blender is a lifeline. This compact device will not only save you cupboard space, but it will also save you time as it is designed for on-the-go mixing.

It’s also easier and faster to use, thanks to its unique speed and one-button operation. And while a portable blender might not be as powerful as a full-size, it can still make an equally tasty cup of protein shake.


person reading a kindle

For many book fans, nothing can replace the smell of fresh ink on paper. But it’s no secret that books can take up a lot of space in your tiny home, especially if you’re one of those who love to collect them. With portable e-readers, you’ll never have to worry about running out of space for your new books again.

Like having a digital library of all your favorite readings, this smart gadget lets you carry and access millions of books in one place. Better yet, it takes up less space than a paperback.

If you don’t like reading on a screen, you’ll be happy to know that some models of e-readers come with an anti-glare screen that looks like paper. You will get the same experience as if you were reading a physical book, even under direct sunlight.

8. Portable projector

So you want to watch movies and TV shows on something bigger than your phone, but you don’t have enough room to house a large TV? What you need is a portable projector.

This device comes in compact form factors that can be easily converted into full-scale entertainment. It works well with massive screens that are folded or unrolled after use, compared to TVs that take up valuable space in your small studio even when turned off.

The best part is you can find portable projectors with surround speakers and headphone jacks. This makes them perfect for solo frenzy lovers and movie buffs who want to throw movie nights with friends or family.

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Upgrade your tiny home with these awesome space saving gadgets

When it comes to electronic shopping, it’s true that the best things come in small packages. After all, you have space constraints to consider, especially in smaller homes where every square foot counts.

Remember to choose wisely when purchasing appliances for your limited living space. You don’t always have to buy all kinds of gadgets to get by.

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