when are your bkr registered

Conditions BKR

When must a participant of the BKR test or register data with the BKR?

1. When you borrow an amount in excess of $ 500;

2. When you borrow that amount for a period of more than 3 months

3. If you are a natural person (business loans are not included in the BKR)

Calling and BKR

The financial value of a GSM subscription often exceeds $ 500 (contracts are often concluded on the basis of at least 12 months) and the agreement is entered into for a period of more than 3 months, therefore a GSM subscription is also registered with the BKR . This only applies to the postpaid subscriptions and not to the prepaid subscriptions. If you are interested in calling without BKR please click here. You should therefore realize that a simple GSM subscription is registered for a long time.

Backlog code BKR

The Office for the Credit Registration uses various codes to indicate arrears of registered loans and consumers.

Initially, the BKR uses the so-called

A coding. (A from Backlog). The participants are obliged to warn you in advance that the arrears will be reported to the BKR if you delay payment. The time at which this notification takes place depends on the type of agreement. This period between the moment that the payment arrears and the moment it is reported to the BKR varies between two and four months. For example, with an expiring credit, this happens after two months. Officially, reporting a backlog is called a 'backlog notification'.

A backlog is always registered, regardless of the size of the backlog. This also applies to mobile phone subscriptions. If you have caught up, this will also be visible at the BKR. An 'H' for Recovery in the relevant agreement indicates this. The 'H' is only mentioned if the agreement continues. If you have caught up and thus terminated the agreement, an end date will be added to the agreement. The 'A' of Backlog remains visible with the end date for the relevant agreement. Five years after the end date, your details about the terminated agreement will automatically disappear from the file. So also the 'A'.