Borrowing money without interest as a student

Borrow money as a student ? That's a breeze with the information you can find on this site! As a student you don't want to pay too much. After all, as a student you can use the money hard enough! There are a number of sites that can provide you with an interest-free loan. Unfortunately, due to recent legislative changes, a number of things have changed and there are fewer providers of these interest-free loans. But we still have two good providers of these interest-free loans that we are happy to recommend to you. The providers we recommend are LendNow and Cashper

Where we find LendNow the most interesting!

Both sites give you the opportunity to borrow money as a student quickly and cheaply. The disadvantage of both sites is that relatively little money can be borrowed, which is why they are called mini loans. For example, the maximum at Cashper is 1000 US dollars and at LendNow you can borrow a maximum of 800 US dollars.

Borrowing money without interest as a student.

As we have already mentioned, LendNow is the site that we recommend for taking out a mini loan. LendNow can provide you with an interest-free and free loan for a maximum of 31 days. These loans are therefore completely free of costs if you repay on time. You can determine the term of this loan yourself, with a maximum of 31 days. The big advantage of this site compared to Cashper is that loans on this site are free and that a longer term can be agreed. So that you have more time to repay the loan.

Cashper can provide you with an interest-free loan. Cashper does, however, charge a service fee. In relation to the money you can borrow, this service costs are low. For example, if you want to borrow 750 US dollars, you only pay 40 cents in service costs. You must then repay a total of USD 750.40. The disadvantage of these loans with Cashper is that the term of these mini loans is only 7 days. The borrowed money and the service costs must therefore be on their account 7 days after the invoice date. Due to this short term, it is best to use Cashper if you run out of money at the end of the month. Another downside to Cashper is that they require you to earn at least 1100 per month. We also understand that this is not really feasible for most students, so we find LendNow more interesting.

Mini loans in Belgium

If you come from Belgium, we recommend that you use Funding Square Bank Direct Cash . With the Funding Square Bank Direct Cash credit you can borrow from 500 US dollars for a small fee. Unfortunately, the mini-credit market in Belgium is not as well developed as in the Netherlands and interest-free borrowing is rare or uncommon.

We recommend that you pay back the loans as soon as possible as after the term of the loans, money will be charged for the amounts borrowed, by both Cashper and LendNow . If you pay back too late, these 'nice' loans suddenly become a lot less fun, so pay back as soon as possible! So always make sure that you borrow money responsibly and can also repay the amount you borrow.