Installment purchase

If you have already bought something on installment , you are certainly not alone. This form of credit has been around for years and is more popular than ever at the moment. The reason is obvious, buying on installment is a way to get what you want without being endlessly bent for it.

Critics will note that you are indeed bent over it, but only after you have bought. Because whatever the retailer says, buying on installment is not cheap. It would not make sense for installment buying to be cheap, because of course it costs the retailer money. He has to wait for his money, but you already have the stuff. So there is always a price.

In the case of installment purchases , that price may consist of a high interest rate or a hefty fine if you pay late. Always make sure to read the fine print before signing for something. I know it's a pain to sift through all that, but it'll make you money later. Or at least it will save you misery.

Another tip is to make quick repayments. If you still have outstanding amounts, make sure you transfer money as soon as possible so that you get rid of your debts quickly. Then you do not always have to think about outstanding amounts.