4 players on the St. Louis Cardinals playoff roster bubble

The St. Louis Cardinals must decide who to take out of the 28-man roster for the playoffs.

“The playoffs? Are you talking about playoffs?

The term “long shot” would have been nice to describe the St. Louis Cardinals’ chances of making the playoffs just over a month ago. But the September Cardinals were a fierce group, scratching, scratching and pecking their way to the National League’s second Wild Card position. Say whatever you want about the extended playoffs, but this year I’m glad they exist.

The September roster expansion is still great, but long gone are the days of loading as many players as you want for an extended run. Only two more spots have been allocated to the lists this year, making decisions about who to promote more important than ever.

The callbacks turned out to be relief pitcher Brandon Dickson and wide receiver Ali Sanchez. The Cardinals later freed Dickson. Pitcher Jake Woodford was called up two days later after the Cardinals put Junior relief pitcher Fernandez on the injured list. Sanchez never appeared in a September game and is also no longer on the active roster.

It’s safe to say that the September Cardinals’ summons didn’t budge much, but the expansion to 28 players ultimately led to Woodford and Kodi Whitley making the squad.

I can imagine that if the players who were called up are happy with their promotions, some of those who have been on the roster all season are a little worried that they might be dropped from the playoff roster. And it could be anyone; you don’t need to consider minor league options when excluding a player from the playoff list.

It’s an interesting dilemma for the team when it comes to deciding who to take off the list. Are the Cardinals removing someone who was called up in September or are they going for a player who was on the roster for most of the season but hasn’t contributed much?

Here are a few players who I think are on the roster bubble and are at risk of watching the playoffs from their TV, and I’ll include a few reasons why they should stay on the roster and why they shouldn’t.

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