Do you want to borrow a larger amount?

Loans come in all amounts, from a small short-term credit to a mortgage on your house of a very large amount. Sometimes you need some money to bridge a short period with some bills. But it may also be that you want to borrow a large amount , for example for the purchase of a car or a boat. If you apply for these types of loans, it is normal that a review is done at BKR. You will therefore need to have a good payment history on loans that you have taken out in the past. Otherwise you will not be eligible to borrow a large amount. Few lenders will want to give you a loan if you have a bad BKR coding.

Everyone wants large amounts in your account. One way to get it is to borrow it. If you really want to have or do something. Then you sometimes need an amount that you do not have yourself. You could then save years for it, but you can also take out a loan for it. You could think of taking out a loan for a nice new car, but it could also be your world trip, or a new kitchen with all modern appliances in it. There can be a different reason for everyone to want to borrow a large amount. It is also different for everyone what a large amount is.

If you borrow a car, one person is already happy with a car of 10,000 US dollars, the other will go for that big beautiful hybrid car of 50,000 US dollars. Any loan is possible, as long as you are able to repay the loan. Whether you qualify for a loan of a large amount also depends on that. How much you can borrow depends on your income, the security of your income. Lenders usually prefer to lend to someone with a permanent job than to a self-employed person. Although the self-employed person sometimes earns a lot more. The relative certainty of a steady income at a larger company or perhaps the government makes lenders a lot more accommodating.

Risks with a large amount.

If you want to borrow a large amount, that is of course not without risks. For example, you can become ill and therefore have less income. Or even worse completely incapacitated for work. In that case too, you must be able to continue to pay your loan. The interest and repayments must continue as usual. That is something to think carefully about if you want to take out a large loan.

Almost all lenders are obliged to carry out the so-called bkr test if you want to borrow money from them. What the lenders then do with this information is not laid down by law. This means that a company can still offer you a loan, despite your possible broker code.

You financial picture for the loan

For a loan, your financial picture is taken into account. This includes your monthly expenses, your monthly income and other financial obligations. The credit companies do not take great risks and would like some security with regard to the repayment of your loan.

Check yourself.

If you yourself go into business with a provider of the so-called loan, it is important that you obtain information in advance. You can see whether the lender with which you may be doing business is well known, so that you are not faced with unpleasant surprises afterwards. You can often check this on the AFM site. But also inform yourself on forums about borrowing how a lender is known. Especially when borrowing a large amount , you want to know in advance who you are going to work with. You cannot simply have a large loan taken over by another party.

Useful information about Borrowing money

Nowadays "borrowing money online" is also popular. This is mainly because it is very easy to arrange everything at home behind the computer yourself. But are you sure you have applied the correct procedure? Borrowing online has some disadvantages in addition to the advantages. Read this also on our site before you decide to borrow money over the internet.


It may be that if you want to borrow money, you do not know exactly what is important. So it is extremely important that you collect information before you borrow money. This website is the ideal website for that. This is where you can go for all information, tips and advice about taking out loans. In addition, this website also provides information about all the possibilities that borrowing money entails, which risks are associated with borrowing money and which choice is the best when borrowing. Pay particular attention to the fact that borrowing money costs money.

It is important that you know which loan suits your needs. For example, all causes have different loans. The interest rates in particular can determine which loan you will take out. On the internet you can already take out a loan from 4.5%, while this is only possible from 7% at your bank.

There are a few important differences with each loan. Each loan also has different properties. These determine whether the loan suits your purpose. Some types of loan are probably familiar to you, such as:

    • Borrow personally, for example for a kitchen
    • A revolving credit, because you want some reserve
    • A mini loan, for example if you need a small amount
    • A mortgage loan, for example for a house

These types of loan are most common among consumers. A personal loan and revolving credit have roughly the same principle, but the properties of the two have nothing to do with each other. In addition, you cannot use these types of loan for every purchase. For example, you cannot buy a house with these loans. But what can you do with a personal loan or a revolving credit? And what distinguishes these 2 most popular forms of borrowing money from each other?

The most common form of borrowing money is a personal loan when it comes to security. With this form of borrowing, you know in advance exactly the amount that will be borrowed, the level of the interest during the entire term and the time required to fully repay the loan. If you borrow, this is a fixed amount against a fixed term and interest. So you have all the certainty with this form of borrowing. That is why a personal loan is often used when purchasing a one-time purchase of, for example, a car, dormer window or kitchen. It is therefore mainly one-off purchases where a large amount is invested. However, when choosing a loan, you must also take into account a number of disadvantages associated with a personal loan. You cannot make interim repayments without a 'fine'. This is because the total loan is predetermined for a specific period of time during which the loan will be repaid. A loan plan has been drawn up with the bank for this. In addition, you pay a lower interest rate with a personal loan than you pay with a revolving credit. If you then repay in the meantime, the bank may lose income as a result.

In contrast to a personal loan, with a revolving credit it is not fixed in advance, except for the loan amount. Many consumers experience this form of borrowing money as better, because there is not as much pressure on repaying as with a personal loan. In addition, with this loan form you can decide for yourself when and how much will be repaid. A revolving credit does have a higher interest than a personal loan, because the bank has no guarantee that the entire loan will be repaid. Therefore, the interest is higher. The repaid money can also be withdrawn.

If you want some money as a reserve, revolving credit is ideal for that. It does not necessarily require a purpose to apply for revolving credit. The term and interest are variable and you can repay the loan without penalty. The interest that is paid is the interest rate that is current at that time.


The popularity and fame of the mini loan has increased enormously recently. Apart from the fact that this loan form has high costs, it is also a good solution for people who need to have money at their disposal quickly. It is, as it were, an amount advanced on your salary, because the loan must be repaid within 20 and 30 days. The loan can be used for a maximum of 30 days.

The amount with a mini loan is between 100 and 800 US dollars. It differs per provider what the costs are with such a mini loan. For example, provider 1 charges for service on the loan, while provider 2 charges interest. This loan form offers many people a solution in difficult times, because you can borrow money quickly. You can usually take out a mini loan in 20 minutes.

The principle of a mini loan is very simple. You borrow a maximum of 800 US dollars for a maximum period of 30 days. If the loan is not repaid on time, you will pay a fine. However, if you do repay the loan on time, you can continue to borrow money online in this way.

Borrowing money online on the internet is becoming increasingly popular among consumers. It has gained a lot of confidence from the people. Different from 10 years ago, there has been a significant growth in confidence in the internet. Nowadays, borrowing money online is just as safe as at the bank. Because there are tough controls by financial bodies such as the AFM, it has become almost impossible for credit providers to cheat consumers. This used to happen more often than you would expect.

For people who want to borrow money, there is a huge range of options when it comes to borrowing money online. Credit providers therefore know very well how to use the internet for this. However, this can be a hindrance for consumers. If you search for 'borrow money' on Google, you will get a huge list of loan providers. Making the right choice from these providers can then be very difficult. Which provider has the most suitable loan for your purpose?

You will of course only borrow money if you are sure that this loan suits your circumstances. Consumers are often misled by the reason they want to borrow. They assume that they will later decide how to proceed. This institution often causes the borrower to run into financial difficulties.

But once you have borrowed, you have to pay in monthly installments. There are therefore no exceptions. If you do not adhere to the agreements made with the credit provider about the repayment of the loan, this can have unpleasant consequences, such as bailiffs or collection agencies.

In any case, the bank will receive the money back in any way. You must therefore carefully consider whether you actually want to borrow the money. You should assume that your financial situation may look different later on. We therefore advise you to only borrow money if you are sure that you can pay it back without any problems.

To begin with, it is important to know that with a loan you can always request multiple quotes from various credit providers for free and without obligations. This will give you more information about the bank where money is borrowed and what requirements are attached to it. Reading all these quotes therefore offers the opportunity to make the right choice when finding a loan that suits your purchase.

At mini loan we advise you in the right way about the loans and the providers thereof. You are probably looking for advice that is fair and does not depend on a particular preference. We offer you this advice. Read on to make sure you're getting the right advice. We want to satisfy our customers at with our handy tips and advice about borrowing money online. is a broad website that contains a lot of information about borrowing money. The information on our site can of course be considered reliable.

Everyone wants to make the best and the right choice when they make the decision to take out a loan. Everyone wants a cheap loan (this means a low interest rate), but that is not all that matters. The lender also plays a major role, it must be reliable and provide good service. Of course you want to be sure that you are in good hands with the loan. You also probably don't want to pay a jackpot for this lender's interest or services. Large banks often charge these extra costs.

In the Netherlands, money is often borrowed from the best-known banks such as Across Lender, Infra Bank, ABN Amro and OLN Bank. We think this is the best choice, but it certainly doesn't have to be. You are much more expensive when you borrow from one of these banks. You pay higher interest rates and the additional costs are calculated as mentioned earlier. One of the cheapest ways to take out a loan is through an intermediary. This gives you an overview of the cheapest loans. You do not pay many costs that you would have to pay at one of the above banks. What is a plus is that you are assisted by expert staff. In this way, together with the expert, you will come to the right choice for a loan that suits your personal situation.

Borrow money, borrow money reliably
mini loan gives you advice on the right lenders. If you are going to borrow money, you naturally want to do this with a reliable lender. We recommend that people who want to take out a loan first request quotes from these lenders in order to be able to compare everything properly. If it does not work yourself, it is wise to call in expert help. As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of intermediary companies that can assist you in the choice you are going to make. The quotes are free, so why not? It's better for you! Borrowing cheaply does not always appear to be the best choice. You can take out a cheap loan, but are you sure that the lender can be trusted?

There are many different types of loans and they serve different purposes. This is of course different per personal situation. You must know in advance what you are going to borrow the money for. The money must be borrowed for a reason, otherwise it is not wise to take out a loan. It is always wise to compare the different lenders online. For example, before you borrow the money, you can make sure that you make the right choice and choose a lender with a low interest rate. Making a comparison online is very simple and gives you an overview of all lenders within a few minutes. The different types of loans can be distinguished by loan types, term, additional conditions for online borrowing and of course the interest. You can compare borrowing money by switching personal loan to revolving credit and thus seeing which loan suits your personal situation. Weigh the pros and cons of both loans and make a wise choice.

Borrow money, how to compare?
Look at the different costs to make sure you make the best choice to borrow cheaply. It is safe to borrow money online, but you must inform yourself well in advance about borrowing money. On mini loan you will find an overview of a lot of information that can be useful. An important element when comparing money loans is to look at the interest rate. Of course you want to make sure that you do not pay too much in interest. It is important that you do this, because you ensure a competitive interest per year with a lender who will of course offer you the right service. What is also an important element when you start borrowing money, is the term of the loan. If you choose a longer term, the amount will be lower for you per month. But in the longer term, the costs will actually be higher. You must therefore always calculate all costs. Comparing borrowing money online only takes a few minutes of your time, but it can save you a lot of money. Borrowing money online is also good for yourself because you are aware of the costs that you will receive, so you will not be faced with surprises. Borrowing money online is therefore recommended!

Borrow money, known providers?
What we want to make clear is that the cheapest loan does not always have to be the best loan. What should you do if you have a question about the loan you have taken out? Are you being helped well enough? What happens if you have a problem with the repayment? Will the provider still offer you the right service? Will this lender be that reliable? With a cheap loan you will not be sure that you will be treated with respect. These are very important questions when you are going to take out a loan. We recommend that you keep in mind that borrowing cheaply is not always the best choice.

What we have already mentioned is that borrowing money through an intermediary is cheaper than from your own bank. The intermediary has many connections with many banks, which is how they ensure that they make the best choice for their customers. The banks are each other's competitors through the intermediary, because they want to offer their customers the best and cheapest loan, so that customers can choose their bank. That is why borrowing money through an intermediary is cheaper. We admit that it is a safe and trusted choice to take out a loan with your own bank, such as the Across Lender, ABN Amro, the SNS or the Infra Bank. But it is not beneficial. And of course the only thing everyone wants is to get out of it as cheaply as possible. Therefore, look at other options. You will certainly not make the wrong choice if you inform yourself well about the various options. Borrowing money online allows you to compare different loans. Request quotes and speak to experts. This way you will borrow money in the right way.

Borrowing money depends on many factors. The level of your income is an important element. The amount that you can borrow is calculated by the intermediary or by your bank. Your personal situation plays a major role in the final amount that you will borrow. By personal situation we also mean your financial situation and your living situation. It is useful to request multiple quotes from different lenders to calculate the maximum amount you can borrow. This gives you an overview of the options for borrowing money. The AFM body keeps a close eye on banks and other lenders. They want to prevent banks or lenders from putting consumers in financial trouble (debt). It is important that you know what is left over each month when the loan charges are paid. You just have to be able to maintain your life as before. It is not only possible to borrow large amounts. You can also borrow money in small amounts.

With a revolving credit, it is agreed in advance what the amount and payment terms will be with the lender of your choice. A revolving credit is therefore very flexible. You can also decide for yourself what you want to repay each month. You can always keep a revolving credit on hand. You can always take out a loan in the form of a revolving credit. What is also a difference with a personal loan is that the interest can vary with a revolving credit. The interest of the loan may change during the term. You can also find more information about a revolving credit on mini loan If our information is not sufficient for you, we recommend that you request free quotes.

One of the most common loans with customers is the Mini Loan. The Mini Loan is available if you want to borrow a small amount for a short term. The maximum amount of a Mini Loan is 800 US dollars and the term is a maximum of 45 days. With a Mini Loan you can borrow an amount of money for a small amount, which will probably be sufficient for you, because otherwise you would not have made the choice for a Mini Loan. If you do not pay back the money within 45 days or on the 45th day itself, you will be in trouble. You must transfer the amount back to the account of your lender within the time. If you fail to do this, you will receive high interest rates in the form of a fine. You must meet the conditions that were established when taking out the loan. One of the conditions was that you had to repay the amount within 45 days. It is important that you pay back the mini loan within time, as this ensures that you build up dignity with your lender and that you will qualify for a loan more quickly in the future. You do not have to be without money and you can always borrow a small amount by taking out a mini loan.

Borrowing money online is not much different from borrowing what is already known to most of us. It is done in the same way as with a bank or other financial institution where you can borrow money. The biggest difference is that with online borrowing you can often only borrow a maximum fixed amount, but there is an advantage, the interest rate is also lower. With the advent of the internet, borrowing money online is becoming more and more popular today. It is easier for us to take out a loan via the internet. We can also find all kinds of information sources via the internet that provide us with the desired information about various loans. Borrowing money online is therefore easier and it has a lower interest rate, so why not? If you were planning to borrow money, it is best to do it online. Even when a bank offers online credit, a lower interest rate is charged on the loan. Request quotes so as not to make hasty decisions.

Borrowing money online is very popular nowadays and very important for the banks and financial institutions. In the Netherlands, figures show that more loans are taken out online. Despite the financially uncertain times at the moment, online borrowing remains very popular. Nowadays it is very easy to take out a loan via the internet. Via the information available online you can always compare many providers with each other and go for the best choice. The lender also has advantages when offering loans online, because he or she saves costs. Information can also be exchanged online via email, and it is always possible to request information because you do not have to wait for available office hours.

The interest rate with online borrowing is also lower than with banks or other financial institutions. This is because the lender does not have to hire a large amount of staff, so fewer risks need to be covered. The staff is always available via email and this person can answer multiple questions within an hour. These are all small things, but this makes borrowing money online attractive. Contact via the internet is both effective and efficient.

Even if you take out a loan online, you should read the conditions carefully in advance, because remember borrowing money costs money .

Our website contains many more articles that provide you with information about borrowing money. Read these articles carefully before you take the step to take out a loan. If you have comments about questions about our website, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Do you sometimes need money quickly?

And in such a situation you naturally want to borrow money quickly. There are various ways to borrow money quickly. You can borrow money very quickly, especially via the internet. This concerns relatively small amounts. These loans are also known as mini loan, payday loan or mini loan. This usually concerns amounts between fifty US dollars and seven hundred and fifty US dollars that you can request within ten minutes via text message or via the Internet.

This way of borrowing money quickly is mainly used to bridge a short period without money. Most mini-loans therefore have a duration of about a month. For that reason, these mini loans do not fall under the Authority for the Financial Markets, which makes it possible for people with a negative BKR registration to borrow money.
The disadvantage of a mini loan, however, is that the costs are very high. This is because high administration and handling costs are added to the loan amount. So you are very expensive if you use this way to borrow money quickly.

The advantage of this method of borrowing money quickly is that you are off the loan within a month because of the short term. Another advantage of a mini loan is that it is arranged very quickly. As mentioned, you often have the money in your account within ten minutes. There is probably no other way to borrow money as quickly as with a mini loan.

This way of borrowing money quickly is an ideal option when you are short of money, because it is easy to arrange, because it involves relatively small amounts and because you can get rid of it within a month. It is therefore no wonder that this way of borrowing money quickly has become very popular recently.

Borrow money reliably and quickly?

When you are going to take out a loan, it is understandable that you want to borrow money reliably. After all, you don't want to be saddled with unexpected costs. And you would also prefer not to see unexpected changes in the interest rate or in the loan sum. What you want is simple: you want to borrow money reliably in a simple way without any strings attached. And luckily all of this is possible.

There are enough providers on the loan market where you can borrow money reliably, but unfortunately there are also enough providers where reliable money is not an option. You may be familiar with the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). AFM supervises loans, among other things, so that consumers can be sure that they are provided with honest and clear information.
If you want to borrow money reliably, you can check with the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets whether a particular provider is reliable or whether this is not the case. AFM ensures that you know where you can borrow money reliably. This is sorted out for you in various ways.

A lender may officially only lend money if it has received a license for this from the AFM. To be eligible for such a license, the lender must meet certain conditions. If it turns out that it is not possible to borrow money reliably from a certain lender, it will not receive a license.

After a lender has obtained the permit, he will have to prove that he is worth it. The AFM will therefore also regularly check whether the rules are being complied with. In addition, the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets also checks whether the lender provides consumers with correct information. In short, the AFM does everything it can to ensure that you can borrow money reliably. If you want to know whether a particular provider is reliable to borrow money, you can check this with the AFM . They also have a list showing which providers are in any case not reliable.