Borrowing with a negative BKR is therefore possible.

To borrow with negative BKR nowadays you have to get a lot out of the closet . Fortunately, there are still a number of methods you can use. Many people will therefore tell you that borrowing money with a negative BKR is not possible, but that is nonsense. It is certainly possible.

Let's start with the easiest option; the mini loan. A mini loan is a small loan that almost anyone can take out because there is no BKR test involved. The best thing about the mini loan is that it is one of the fastest forms of credit that exist. But it doesn't just have advantages. A mini loan has the property that you cannot take it easy with making repayments. It is possible to borrow money within 24 hours despite a negative BKR, but you will also have to pay back within 2-3 weeks. And if you do not pay back, they are certainly not happy with you. These people really know how to collect a bill and will really make your life difficult if you are not on time.

So make the decision for yourself whether you want to do this. The question is always how badly you need it. Borrowing is a means that you have to be careful with and a mini loan in particular deserves some thought before you do it. Always check whether you will receive sufficient income in the short term because it is simply a shame if you would run into fines that are actually unnecessary. Borrowing money without BKR is possible, but if you can avoid it, do it. It is not cheap.

A second option that you could go for is the private loan. There are many individuals who are willing to lend money, of course against payment of interest and costs. If you want to find these people, your best option is a national newspaper such as De Telegraaf. Browse to the classified ads and there you will find offers almost daily to borrow money from a private individual. With these types of loans, it makes little difference that you have a negative BKR, but they are not cheap. The reason is that these types of loans naturally involve more risk than a loan to someone who does not yet have a negative BKR. Of course it is also about making a profit.

If you decide to work with a private lender, make sure you have clear agreements on paper. If you don't do this, you run the risk of entering into an obligation that you cannot possibly fulfill and then you have the puppets dancing. So do not go too easily with borrowing money. Borrowing money easily leads to repayment problems, so some thinking is an idea.

Borrowing with a negative BKR is therefore possible, but you will have to do it differently than with a standard loan. In addition, if you plan on it and you need it, don't wait too long. There are far-reaching plans by the government to put a brake on loans with BKR due to the fact that they think it is not fair that much interest is being charged. The mini loan is therefore threatened with extinction, but in all likelihood the private loan will continue to exist.

Mini loan in Belgium Apply without BKR

A mini loan in Belgium without BKR is quite possible because every lender weighs several factors when providing credit. A mini loan in Belgium is mainly reserved for people who need a small amount for a shorter period. Particularly among providers of mini-loans in Belgium, they often assess whether it is wise to provide a loan on the basis of other information.

Borrowing Belgium Without BKR with a mini loan.

A well-known provider of small loans is Funding Square Bank. You can borrow money quickly from this lender and you can borrow from 500 € to € 5500. The money will be in your account within 10 minutes. Actually, it is not a loan, they buy part of your future salary and pay it out now. There are more providers of mini-loans, such as . Unfortunately, registration is not completely arranged online or the costs are not entirely clear. They are also official lenders, so borrowing without BKR is not possible. So inform yourself well before you take out a loan.

What is the BKR

BKR stands for Credit Registration Office and is located in Tiel. BKR informs affiliated organizations about loans that consumers have taken out. The BKR information helps companies to consider whether it is wise to provide credit.

If there have been problems with paying bills or paying off a loan in the past, you can get a 'BKR registration'. This can make borrowing money more difficult. BKR only informs the companies that ask for it. It is the lender who decides.
Is BKR testing decisive?

In addition to the BKR information, other factors weigh in when providing a loan. BKR only has data about credits, such as a flexible credit, credit limit on your checking account and credit card. It may therefore be that Mini Loan in Belgium Without BKR testing is not possible on other grounds than a BKR listing.

The lender collects all data. He decides on the basis of the available information whether a loan is justified.