Calculate your loan online with a loan simulation

If you want to take out a loan, it is important to calculate how much money you can borrow. In addition, it is also important to calculate what your (monthly) expenses will be. It is important for both you and the lender that you borrow money in a responsible manner and therefore do not borrow too much money. Incidentally, there are different types of loan. A number of well-known loan forms are the personal credit, the mortgage loan and the car loan. Incidentally, when taking out a loan, you must take into account the distinction between the variable interest and the fixed interest. Of course, borrowing with a fixed interest offers more security, because with a variable interest you do not know how the interest will develop. Because there are several lenders active in the Netherlands, it is wise to request different quotes. This way you can be sure that you are not paying too much for your loan. It is also very easy to calculate the maximum amount of the loan with the different lenders.

It is important to properly calculate the monthly costs associated with the loan. Of course you do not want to get in trouble with paying off the loan and paying the interest. It is therefore important that you do not borrow too much. It is very easy to put on paper on your monthly income and expenses and on this basis determine how much you can pay monthly in repayment and interest. Also consider how much time you want to pay off the loan. For example, if you take out a loan with a repayment period of 20 years, you will be tied to the loan for a long time. The level of the interest often differs between the different lenders. Therefore also compare the interest rate between the different lenders.

Do you want to calculate a personal loan?

A personal loan is usually used for a specific purpose. This could be the purchase of a new kitchen, for example. You can calculate a number of things on the loan from these providers. For example, you can calculate the maximum amount of the personal loan. You can also calculate the installment amount. Did you know that many more things are important if you are going to purchase a personal loan. For example, in addition to calculating the loan that is most favorable in your case, it is also wise to look at things such as whether or not to cancel the residual debt in the event of death. Please read the terms and conditions of the lender carefully.

A car loan is a loan with which you can finance the purchase of a car.

A car loan is also called a car loan. If you are considering taking out a car loan, it is important to calculate what the monthly costs of the car loan are. With a car loan, the car itself usually serves as collateral. A car loan is very similar to a normal revolving credit. If you want to finance a car with a loan, you can also choose to take out a revolving credit.

Incidentally, do not go for the first lender. Then also carefully compare the conditions and the level of the interest. 1% interest rate difference on an annual basis is a big difference, especially if the loan concerns a large amount. Therefore, request quotes from various lenders. It is better to make a well-informed decision than to rush into an overpriced loan for your car.

Are you planning to take out a mortgage loan?

First calculate the maximum amount of the mortgage loan and the monthly mortgage costs associated with the mortgage loan. There are many different types of mortgage. This includes interest-only mortgage, credit mortgage, linear mortgage, annuity mortgage, investment mortgage, traditional life mortgage, savings mortgage and savings investment mortgage. These mortgage types are sometimes very different from each other, which is why it is important to perform a calculation for the mortgage type that you wish to use.

On the website of lenders you can make a clear calculation of a mortgage loan that you wish to take out. What is particularly important to mortgage lenders when calculating the amount of the mortgage are your and possibly your partner's wages. Any own money is also important when calculating the amount of the mortgage loan. It should also be noted that the amount that you can borrow with a mortgage loan can differ for the purchase of an existing home compared to the purchase of an existing home. You can usually get a higher mortgage for an existing home. This is because banks take into account double interest charges and other costs when financing new-build homes.

If you have clear what amount you want and can borrow, then you can be sure that you can bear the (monthly) costs without any problems. You can then decide to take out the loan for the loan.

With a mini loan, money deposited directly into your account

When the month is a bit longer than the salary of the month before, or you want to make an investment for which there are not immediately the resources, then it is a good time to look further at the possibilities. Borrowing money from neighbors, friends or family is not recommended, experience shows that sooner or later this will cause problems and since they are close to yourself, it is a situation that you can best avoid. There are better options for obtaining financing as a private individual or as an entrepreneur, such as the mini loan. This often involves a small amount that can go directly to the account, so that you can continue immediately, or pay that one bill.

What types of mini-loans are there?

There are many types of mini-loans as you can see here, but most forms require a few things from the person who wants to open the mini-loan. For example, if you want a mini loan without a payslip or a mini loan without a BKR assessment, a number of options will soon fall off. If it concerns larger amounts, an income requirement will certainly be set; if you want to take out a mortgage, you by definition need collateral.

But what if it comes to borrowing 100 US dollars, or 200 US dollars as a mini loan? Borrowing money urgently when it comes to borrowing a small amount, that should be possible, right? That is certainly possible, there are a number of mini loan providers that can issue a mini loan for people who still need pennies today. Because make no mistake; there are plenty of reasons to get into trouble quickly, but fortunately there are also solutions to get out of trouble. Borrowing 1000 US dollars with a mini loan, for example, is no problem.

The forms of quick borrowing without too much paperwork include micro credit, flash credit, SMS loan, small loan, small financing and the advance. These are all examples of mini loans that are slightly different from a personal loan. With a mini loan, it is about a quick loan and quick repayment.

What are the advantages?

When it comes to types of loans, the mini loan is the most chosen. A small, fast and often online mini loan without asking many questions. That is a clear advantage when a bill has to be paid or an investment has to be funded, the fewer questions are asked, the faster it is in pitchers and jugs. It is wise to compare the providers with each other and here too the online mini loan has many advantages. After all, comparing online is a lot easier than going through all the authorities.

Taking out a mini loan without the intervention of the bank also has advantages. Banks in the Netherlands are known for not being willing to issue loans. They are reluctant and that is a problem for the Dutch who need money to get around the month. That is why more and more credit companies and smaller companies have emerged to fill the gap. They say that they offer funds and actually do so, in contrast to the banks that mainly talk a lot. Borrow money immediately and keep it cheap, that is possible if you ignore the banks for a while.

How can you best calculate how much you want to borrow?

A mini credit is a handy advance, but just like with all other forms of borrowing, the borrowing itself costs money. After all, interest is paid and also closing costs. That is why it is useful to check in advance exactly how many resources are needed. When you are looking for cash to pay a bill, it is easy to check how much money needs to be borrowed, but when it needs to be grown or when the household money has run out, it can be difficult. In such cases, calculate at least ten percent extra to make sure it is enough. Taking out a second mini loan is always more expensive than increasing a first loan by ten percent.

The convenience of being able to borrow money quickly.

If you have a bill that you cannot pay on time, chances are that it will become an increasingly large problem. After the first bill, a reminder follows, often with an increase in the amount. If you cannot afford it, it will become more expensive very quickly and there is a good chance that you will end up on a list that you do not want to appear on. In addition, the following accounts will have a greater impact; after all, the following month more has to be paid because there was still an account. A mini loan has the reputation of being expensive, but compared to the interest rates and reminder costs, it is considerably cheaper. It also feels better.

When an appliance or machine has broken down and needs to be replaced, you can choose to save money until you make the money, but running out of a washing machine for a month or two is very impractical. The same goes for people who are renovating and who need certain tools and machines. Borrowing money via a mini loan is not only a lot easier, it also ensures that the convenience is a lot greater and that pays off in all situations.

What should you pay attention to when taking out a mini loan?

If you are looking for a provider for a loan, there are many options. After all, the financial market has grown considerably in recent years and since the moment that the banks started to be hesitant, the market has only become more interesting. This gives the consumer a sea of ​​possibilities, but at the same time it creates problems. After all, we used to just go to our own bank, but now we will have to make a choice. What can you best pay attention to when you want to purchase a mini loan?

The idea behind the mini loan is that you want to have money quickly. The period required to transfer the money to your account is therefore a good way to compare the providers. The longer it takes, the more like a normal loan. In addition, it is always wise to check the providers, unless they are on a reputable website. In places with a lot of money, there are always black sheep. So always make sure you choose a reliable provider to do business with.

You can also compare interest rates, but be careful with this. Many people think that the lowest interest rate should be the cheapest loan, but in many cases that is not the case. To see what the cheapest loan is, the repayments and the term must also be taken into account, including any costs for taking out the loan. Only when you compare all these figures and add them together, can you make a choice based on the price of the loan. Also keep in mind that there is a chance that you can pay off prematurely, which can make the loan cheaper. This is not possible with all providers. For some, a fine is charged, while with other providers it is not possible at all to make early repayments. If you want to have the opportunity to get rid of the debt amount prematurely, you will have to look at this in advance.

If you want to borrow money today in the form of a mini loan, it is wise to immediately inquire about the possibilities. The longer you wait, the greater the problems that have caused you to need a loan. Compare the providers well and calculate carefully how much money exactly is needed to fill the gap. If you need more than a thousand US dollars, it is better to look for another way. However, if you need less than a thousand US dollars and you want to be able to get it done with a little speed, then the mini loan is exactly what you need.

Borrow 250 US dollars today.

Are you short of money for a while? Don't have time to wait and want to be right? This is possible! Simply fill in the application form directly on the website of an online loan provider and receive the money in your account within 10 minutes. No hassle with checks, paperwork and unnecessary waiting times, just receive 250 US dollars immediately!

This is an ideal solution.

Do not feel guilty: you are by no means the only one who would like to borrow some money without all the hassle around it. Often when people suddenly need some extra cash, it is urgent. The money is often needed immediately. In that case you do not have time for the checks that the banks perform and the papers that you have to work out and send to have your application approved. Also consider what you have to fill in yourself. This takes a lot of time and work and then you are not even sure whether you will get that loan, while you need it very quickly! Fortunately, you can borrow with the help of an online mini loan. These providers want to help you as quickly as possible, so that the money can be in your account the same day. Borrowing 250 US dollars is simply possible here, because they do not perform unnecessary BKR tests and do not require all kinds of papers.

How does this work?

If you don't have to send all those papers and no checks are carried out, how does borrowing 250 US dollars work ? If you want that money directly in your account, it is very simple. BKR tests and paperwork are all intended to protect the loan provider. Banks want to be sure that you can repay that money, otherwise they will have a problem. In order not to have to make use of this, mini-loan providers do of course need security in a different way. For example, with a small loan on the internet you can only borrow 50 to 1000 US dollars, so it concerns relatively small amounts. That is why a BKR check does not say much, they think. If you can't meet the paperwork either, because you don't have a pay slip, for example, they've come up with something for that too. You can then still take out a loan by means of a guarantee. With this you give the lenders security by having someone guarantee your loan for you. This person is willing to run the risk that you cannot repay the money. This means you do not have any hassle with paperwork and BKR reviews and you can still be right!

Borrow 250 US dollars in 3 steps.

Taking out an online mini loan really happened in no time. You can do it right in 3 steps. Step 1 is that you must fill in the application form on the loan provider's website how much you want to borrow. This can be, for example, 100, 200, 300 or even US $ 700. Any amount between 50 and 1000 US dollars is good and you decide it yourself. The second step in applying for a 250 US dollar loan is waiting for the approval. This does not take weeks, as with normal banks, but within a few minutes you will receive the confirmation via text message. The last step is simply to receive the 250 US dollar in your account. This sometimes happens within 10 minutes!

The application procedure for a Mini Loan

What is a mini loan?

A mini loan is a short-term loan that can be concluded quickly. The amount to be borrowed is up to $ 1,000.00 depending on the provider. You quickly have some extra money without any hassle. Handy as an advance on your salary or when the washing machine breaks down unexpectedly.

A mini loan is also called a short-term loan . The application time is therefore very short, often you have extra money within an hour. A copy of proof of identity, a pay slip and a bank statement are requested with the application. A BKR assessment is not done, because it is not a normal loan. However, a guarantee is requested. If you are unable to provide this, it is possible to purchase insurance instead. There are additional costs involved.

A mini loan is not a normal loan. Small loan providers do not charge interest. Instead, they charge a handling fee or administration fee. The law does not set a maximum amount for this. These costs are often higher than the interest on a comparable regular loan. Against this disadvantage is the ease with which a mini loan can be taken out. When taking out a regular loan, you will only have the money after three days.

A small loan has a short term and is repaid between 10 and 30 days. When taking out the mini loan you agree to the repayment term. If you are unable to repay the mini loan within this period, a fine will be charged. These costs can add up considerably.

What do you need?

To take out a mini loan , you must be resident in the Netherlands and at least 21 years old. You also need copies of a number of documents to apply for a mini loan. With most providers, this concerns:

  • A copy of your ID, such as passport and driver's license
  • A copy of a pay slip
  • A copy of a recent bank statement

The lender may request additional documents for the guarantee. Have you specified a person who will act as guarantor for you? Then a copy of the identity document and a copy of a pay slip from this person will also be requested.

Enter the requested information on the provider's website. The documents are usually submitted by e-mail. Often it can also be done by fax and post. When sending by post it naturally takes longer before you can dispose of your money.

Your creditworthiness will then be assessed on the basis of the copies you send. A BKR test is not done and your loan is not registered with the BKR. So you can also take out a mini loan with a BKR registration. If your application has been approved, the amount will be transferred to your bank account by the lender with an urgent transfer. With some providers this transfer takes a day.

Pay back the loan amount within the agreed term. If you are not able to pay the amount on time, you will be charged and these can quickly add up.


The number of providers of a mini loan in the Netherlands is limited. After the Consumer Credit Directive came into effect on 1 June 2011, a number of providers of mini-loans stopped. There are currently two lenders active in this field in the Netherlands. It's about LendNow and Cashper.

LendNow is the European market leader in the provision of mini credits. This company is based in London and is therefore not subject to Dutch law. At LendNow you can borrow an amount between $ 100 and $ 800 for a period of 15, 30 or 45 days. A guarantee is required, where you can opt for a personal guarantee or insurance.