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A mini loan is a very popular way of borrowing for people who need money quickly. People who already have a debt often find a mini loan very attractive. You can get money quickly and the loan is very easy to take out. However, a mini loan is often on the pricey side. On the other hand, there are many benefits that come with a mini loan.


A first advantage of taking a mini loan is that it is fairly easy to take out. It doesn't require much paperwork and the money comes in quickly. Ideal for people who need money quickly. In most cases, the money will be in your account within a day. Another advantage is that you can borrow from 50 US dollars. You can therefore take out a mini loan even for very small amounts. Refunds can often be made up to 45 days after the deposit. So you quickly get rid of your debts, provided you pay on time of course.

To request.

Applying for a mini loan is easy and can be done with various online loan providers. There are many different mini-credit variants. One provider offers a term of 45 days, the other 30 days. The conditions can also differ per provider. Always pay close attention when taking out a mini loan.

Maximum amount of mini loan

The maximum amount for a mini loan differs per provider. In general, the maximum amount varies from 50 to 1500 US dollars.

Deposit amount

The money is usually in your account within half a day. Some providers even deposit it immediately. The amount will be on your account within half an hour. When you need money quickly, you should pay attention to how long the provider takes to deposit the money. If there is a provider who only deposits it after a week, it will ultimately be of no use to you if you need money quickly. In general, this does not occur and the money is deposited quickly.


Reimbursement of the mini loan generally has to be done within 45 days. Some providers have a shorter term and other providers a longer one. So pay close attention when taking out a mini loan.

Interest payable

The costs of the mini loan logically also varies per provider. The interest amount to be repaid depends on the amount borrowed. If you borrowed 800 US dollars, you pay more interest than is the case with an amount of 50 US dollars. In some cases, the interest can be as high as 14% on a monthly basis. Sometimes there are also additional costs.

Always keep in mind that a small loan must be repaid and that there is interest is settled. If you can't repay within the predetermined term, you can get even deeper into debt. This can even lead to collection agencies and that is the last thing you want.