How can you quickly borrow 200 US dollars in Belgium.

You could choose to quickly borrow 200 US dollars from our Belgian southern neighbors. You could do this because you do not want a BKR test and therefore want to bypass it. When you take out a loan in Belgium, you will therefore not be listed with the BKR. It may also be the case that a mini loan in Belgium is somewhat cheaper than in the Netherlands. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of all loans, wherever you take out them. There are a lot of offers in both countries, but where are you going to borrow your money?

Why would you as a Dutch person want to borrow money in Belgium?

It is of course possible that you are not eligible for a loan in the Netherlands. This by, for example, a BKR registration. In the Netherlands there are strict requirements for the provision of credit and of course not without reason. Borrowing 200 US dollars quickly in Belgium costs money and it is therefore often wiser to only take out a loan again once you have paid off all the loans. To prevent you from undergoing a BKR test or from being registered with BKR again, how can you quickly borrow 200 US dollars in Belgium . You could of course do that via the internet and then borrow money online, but you can also contact a Belgian lender by telephone. In the Netherlands we like control and the government is very fond of keeping an eye on everything. So if you do not want an extra check on your BKR registration , you can of course take out a mini loan in Belgium .

The Belgians Have Interesting Conditions Borrowing Money (online)

In addition to the fact that you do not get a BKR registration, there are also some more attractive conditions linked to borrowing money in Belgium. If the possibilities you have in the Netherlands are not enough for you, you can of course go to Belgium for this. It may be that the interest you have to pay on the loan taken out is somewhat lower than a similar loan in the Netherlands. In addition, the payment can often be spread a bit more easily at a bank in Belgium. In any case, be well informed.

Of course the standard questions are discussed. Such as the income that you receive monthly and what your current financial situation is, but also questions about your family and household will be asked. That way, the lender gets a little more insight and more information about the person they are going to borrow money from.

The most important question will undoubtedly be: "Why do you want to take out a loan in Belgium?"

It is of course an understandable question. There are a lot of ways to get money in the Netherlands. For example, you can borrow money online or borrow money privately. You can state as a reason that you do not want a BKR registration or that you find the conditions of the loan that you want to take out with this lender more attractive.

Which Belgian lenders can you go to?

Just like in the Netherlands, Belgium also has a wide range of lenders. For example, you can borrow money online in Belgium or simply visit a bank for a loan. There are various providers that you could possibly turn to. Some examples of how you can quickly borrow 200 US dollars in Belgium are:


There are of course more providers of mini-loan in Belgium and this is just a selection from the selection on our website .