Calculate your loan online with a loan simulation

If you want to take out a loan, it is important to calculate how much money you can borrow. In addition, it is also important to calculate what your (monthly) expenses will be. It is important for both you and the lender that you borrow money in a responsible manner and therefore do not borrow too much money. Incidentally, there are different types of loan. A number of well-known loan forms are the personal credit, the mortgage loan and the car loan. Incidentally, when taking out a loan, you must take into account the distinction between the variable interest and the fixed interest. Of course, borrowing with a fixed interest offers more security, because with a variable interest you do not know how the interest will develop. Because there are several lenders active in the Netherlands, it is wise to request different quotes. This way you can be sure that you are not paying too much for your loan. It is also very easy to calculate the maximum amount of the loan with the different lenders.

It is important to properly calculate the monthly costs associated with the loan. Of course you do not want to get in trouble with paying off the loan and paying the interest. It is therefore important that you do not borrow too much. It is very easy to put on paper on your monthly income and expenses and on this basis determine how much you can pay monthly in repayment and interest. Also consider how much time you want to pay off the loan. For example, if you take out a loan with a repayment period of 20 years, you will be tied to the loan for a long time. The level of the interest often differs between the different lenders. Therefore also compare the interest rate between the different lenders.

Do you want to calculate a personal loan?

A personal loan is usually used for a specific purpose. This could be the purchase of a new kitchen, for example. You can calculate a number of things on the loan from these providers. For example, you can calculate the maximum amount of the personal loan. You can also calculate the installment amount. Did you know that many more things are important if you are going to purchase a personal loan. For example, in addition to calculating the loan that is most favorable in your case, it is also wise to look at things such as whether or not to cancel the residual debt in the event of death. Please read the terms and conditions of the lender carefully.

A car loan is a loan with which you can finance the purchase of a car.

A car loan is also called a car loan. If you are considering taking out a car loan, it is important to calculate what the monthly costs of the car loan are. With a car loan, the car itself usually serves as collateral. A car loan is very similar to a normal revolving credit. If you want to finance a car with a loan, you can also choose to take out a revolving credit.

Incidentally, do not go for the first lender. Then also carefully compare the conditions as well as the level of the interest. 1% interest rate difference on an annual basis is a big difference, especially if the loan concerns a large amount. Therefore, request quotes from various lenders. It is better to make a well-informed decision than to rush into an overpriced loan for your car.

Are you planning to take out a mortgage loan?

First calculate the maximum amount of the mortgage loan and the monthly mortgage costs associated with the mortgage loan. There are many different types of mortgage. This includes interest-only mortgage, credit mortgage, linear mortgage, annuity mortgage, investment mortgage, traditional life mortgage, savings mortgage and savings investment mortgage. These mortgage types are sometimes very different from each other, which is why it is important to perform a calculation for the mortgage type that you wish to use.

On the website of lenders you can make a clear calculation of a mortgage loan that you wish to take out. What is particularly important to mortgage lenders when calculating the amount of the mortgage are your and possibly your partner's wages. Any own money is also important when calculating the amount of the mortgage loan. It should also be noted that the amount that you can borrow with a mortgage loan can differ for the purchase of an existing home compared to the purchase of an existing home. You can usually get a higher mortgage for an existing home. This is because banks take into account double interest charges and other costs when financing new-build homes.

If you have clear what amount you want and can borrow, then you can be sure that you can bear the (monthly) costs without any problems. You can then decide to take out the loan for the loan.

Fast loans have many advantages.

There are plenty of reasons why a loan may be necessary. Think of an outstanding account that cannot be paid, a shortage of household money or the need for an advance to have money in the account to purchase something. There are also several ways to get the money through a loan; Thanks to the high demand for money, there are several providers that offer loans for the average private individual, but money can also be borrowed everywhere for business. But when it comes to borrowing money quickly and money is still needed today, a lot of providers suddenly drop out. How exactly does this work?

Everything to do with money has been happening at the banks for centuries. When it comes to borrowing money quickly within 10 minutes, it is not advisable to go to a branch of the bank. Most banks are no longer willing to provide money anyway, so loans are hardly ever issued here anymore. The personal loan is nowadays increasingly taken out with a credit company. If you want money quickly, you can completely skip the bank nowadays. The requirements you have to meet in order to get a loan have become increasingly strict and actually seem to be intended to exclude as many people as possible, instead of helping the bank's customers.

Where can you borrow money quickly?

Borrowing money quickly is no longer possible with the banks' approval is difficult, borrowing money quickly and easily is now mainly done around the banks. There are many credit companies and new innovative banks that think in the spirit of the customers and are willing to help fill a temporary shortage. Since most of these companies are active online, it is also referred to as borrowing money quickly online; after all, thanks to the internet it can all be done a lot faster, which can save a lot of time. For example, you can quickly borrow 1000 US dollars, but borrow 200 US dollars is also possible. Borrowing a small amount is no problem with these providers, while the banks would almost laugh at the applicant for borrowing money directly in such small amounts.

How do you calculate exactly what you want to borrow?

Those looking for a loan, and especially a quick loan without a bank, will face a number of challenges. The bank does not need to be convinced, but it is of course wise to calculate exactly how much you can borrow and how much you will actually spend per month on the loan itself. The remark 'borrowing money costs money' does not apply in all cases. The well-known example is the account that remains because there is no money. If this bill is not paid, reminder costs will be paid and interest will be charged. When the costs of the loan are lower than the passed on interest of the company that sent the invoice, the borrowing yields money. In other cases there is simply no choice, such as when the car needs to be repaired or the washing machine breaks down.

When a product needs to be replaced, you know the exact amount that is needed from the loan. After all, you can find out in advance how expensive the product you want is. This story also applies to an open account: You know exactly what you need. But if the household money needs to be topped up or if you are in the middle of a renovation, it is smarter to charge something extra, around 10%. This way you can be sure that you will make it to the end of the month and not have to take out another loan in the meantime to make ends meet. A micro credit, payday credit or SMS loan may seem interesting, but the more you take out, the more expensive it becomes.

How can you compare the providers with each other?

Borrowing money urgently is possible, but it is useful if you have a few minutes to compare the providers. This way, the loan can remain cheap and borrowing money directly is still a good option. However, comparing the providers of an online loan is a separate job and it is good to know what to look at to arrange the financing. For example, it is not only the interest rate that determines the weight of the loan. It also depends on the term and any costs for being able to subscribe to the loan. Precisely that point is different with all providers and that is where you can earn money by taking out the mini loan.

In general, the following can be stated: With the same interest rates, a loan with a shorter term is always cheaper. The longer the term, the more interest will have to be paid on the remaining debt. That seems logical, but many people make the mistake of choosing the lowest interest rate, which can be the most expensive afterwards. When comparing, pay particular attention to the capacity of the household itself. What can be paid off without getting into trouble? In addition, it is always wise to check whether the provider charges connection costs and whether it is possible to make early repayments. For example, a financial windfall can offer the option to cancel the loan and that can be a good idea.

Borrowing money quickly is a good option when you skip the banks. Especially the older established banks are slow and have too many conditions to be able to borrow money quickly. With all new providers on the market, it is easier to take out a loan here. It is even considerably easier than borrowing from family or friends, because this always causes problems and mutual inequality in the long term. The providers are fully committed to lending money as quickly as possible and often it can all be handled online, after which the money is in the applicant's account within a few minutes and then the money can also be spent immediately . Always try to have an idea for yourself about how and when the money can be paid back and try to stick to this.

If you need a larger amount, you can see if a provider offers the possibility. In many cases there is a certain upper limit that is sanctified. At that time, it is wiser to look for a slower loan and not to purchase several mini-loans. A mini loan is a loan that is ideal for borrowing money quickly and is exclusively intended for that.

Before taking out, do not forget to compare the different providers in different areas. This way you can be sure that you are not paying too much for the loan and you are also sure that you will not regret your choice afterwards.

Are there any disadvantages to a quick loan?

Fast loans have many advantages. Money is quickly in your account and in most cases there is no problem with certain conditions and requirements. This ensures that taking out the loan has a low threshold, but this can also be a disadvantage for some people. Borrowing money when it is not actually inevitable is unwise, except when you think borrowing will save more money than it costs. Another disadvantage of the fast loan is that the interest can be slightly higher than with the other loans. The disadvantage of the other loans, however, is that the waiting takes considerably longer. Borrowing money has therefore become so popular in recent years.

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Also discover other options for borrowing money

The Personal Loan.

A personal loan is always based on the personal situation of the person applying for the loan. With the personal loan, the amount of the loan is always fixed in advance. No changes will therefore take place between the term of the loan. You know exactly where you stand, because the term is fixed when taking out the personal loan. In addition, the interest on the personal loan is also fixed. This form of borrowing money is therefore very different from borrowing with an Interest Loan.

If you want to take out a personal loan, first request a no-obligation quote. Preferably also with different lenders, so that you can compare the offers. There are many banks that offer the personal loan. The interest rates can differ greatly per loan, as can the conditions per bank. You can compare the different lenders and interest rates per Personal Loan here:

The interest rates for personal loans are usually lower than for revolving credit, because there is no interest rate risk. The interest personal loan, on the other hand, is higher than with a mortgage, because the security is lacking. The interest and term are always fixed when taking out the loan, so you have a lot of security when taking out a personal loan.

With a personal loan you therefore pay a fixed monthly amount. By determining everything in advance, the full amount is also immediately repaid at the end of the loan. The credit with the personal loan is therefore relatively stable. With a personal loan it is therefore very easy to take out products or services of a short or limited life. The term of the personal loan can last as long as the term of the product or service.


With the personal loan you immediately know what money you are going to borrow. So you know where you stand and you will not easily be faced with surprises.


With this form of borrowing, no changes are possible in the interim and the interest is usually higher than with revolving credit.

When a personal loan?

If it is clear in advance which product or service will be used and how long this will take. Be alert when borrowing money from the bank for a personal loan. Do not immediately go for the cheapest personal loan, because the banks that provide these loans usually do not check the personal loan BKR. Always first ask for good Financial Advice about the credit personal loan.

The revolving credit.

The revolving credit is usually used if it is not clear in advance which credit is needed for the loan. It is also agreed in advance what maximum amount may be borrowed, also known as the credit limit. Interest is only charged on the amount withdrawn. If you want to take out a revolving credit, first request a free quote. Preferably also with different lenders, so that you can compare the offers.

Before you take out a Revolving Credit, it is advisable to compare different lenders. There are many banks that offer revolving credit. The interest rates can differ greatly per loan, as can the conditions per bank. With the revolving credit, a fixed monthly amount is then debited. This form of borrowing is very similar to the interest credit and the savings credit. In the meantime, it is possible to withdraw the amounts already repaid. The term of the loan is not fixed and can therefore continue as long as money is always withdrawn and the loan is not repaid.

With revolving credit, the interest rate is not fixed during the loan and can therefore fluctuate. The monthly installment amount remains the same, but the term can be longer or shorter. The interest rate with a revolving credit is generally lower than with other types of loans. The revolving credit, for example, is not applied to a Mortgage Loan.


Interest is usually low and the amounts that have been repaid during the loan can be easily withdrawn.


Borrowing money with the Revolving Credit can be opaque. The actual term of the loan is difficult to determine, since you can always withdraw money in the meantime. This can take longer to repay the loan than planned.

When to take out a revolving credit?

A revolving credit is often useful if it is difficult to estimate in advance what amount of money you need to borrow and how long this will take. Be careful when you are going to borrow money and always look for good financial advice. Always watch out for a negative registration with the revolving credit BKR. So never borrow too much and think carefully before you take out a loan.

Borrow 250 US dollars today.

Are you short of money for a while? Don't have time to wait and want to be right? This is possible! Simply fill in the application form directly on the website of an online loan provider and receive the money in your account within 10 minutes. No hassle with checks, paperwork and unnecessary waiting times, just receive 250 US dollars immediately!

This is an ideal solution.

Do not feel guilty: you are by no means the only one who would like to borrow some money without all the hassle around it. Often when people suddenly need some extra cash, it is urgent. The money is often needed immediately. In that case you do not have time for the checks that the banks perform and the papers that you have to work out and send to have your application approved. Also consider what you have to fill in yourself. This takes a lot of time and work and then you are not even sure whether you will get that loan, while you need it very quickly! Fortunately, you can borrow with the help of an online mini loan. These providers want to help you as quickly as possible, so that the money can be in your account the same day. Borrowing 250 US dollars is simply possible here, because they do not perform unnecessary BKR tests and do not require all kinds of papers.

How does this work?

If you don't have to send all those papers and no checks are carried out, how does borrowing 250 US dollars work ? If you want that money directly in your account, it is very simple. BKR tests and paperwork are all intended to protect the loan provider. Banks want to be sure that you can repay that money, otherwise they will have a problem. In order not to have to make use of this, mini-loan providers do of course need security in a different way. For example, with a small loan on the internet you can only borrow 50 to 1000 US dollars, so it concerns relatively small amounts. That is why a BKR check does not say much, they think. If you can't meet the paperwork either, because you don't have a pay slip, for example, they've come up with something for that too. You can then still take out a loan by means of a guarantee. With this you give the lenders security by having someone guarantee your loan for you. This person is willing to run the risk that you cannot repay the money. This means you do not have any hassle with paperwork and BKR reviews and you can still be right!

Borrow 250 US dollars in 3 steps.

Taking out an online mini loan really happened in no time. You can do it right in 3 steps. Step 1 is that you must fill in the application form on the loan provider's website how much you want to borrow. This can be, for example, 100, 200, 300 or even US $ 700. Any amount between 50 and 1000 US dollars is good and you decide it yourself. The second step in applying for a 250 US dollar loan is waiting for the approval. This does not take weeks, as with normal banks, but within a few minutes you will receive the confirmation via text message. The last step is simply to receive the 250 US dollar in your account. This sometimes happens within 10 minutes!

How can you quickly borrow 200 US dollars in Belgium.

You could choose to quickly borrow 200 US dollars from our Belgian southern neighbors. You could do this because you do not want a BKR test and therefore want to bypass it. When you take out a loan in Belgium, you will therefore not be listed with the BKR. It may also be the case that a mini loan in Belgium is somewhat cheaper than in the Netherlands. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of all loans, wherever you take out them. There are a lot of offers in both countries, but where are you going to borrow your money?

Why would you as a Dutch person want to borrow money in Belgium?

It is of course possible that you are not eligible for a loan in the Netherlands. This by, for example, a BKR registration. In the Netherlands there are strict requirements for the provision of credit and of course not without reason. Borrowing 200 US dollars quickly in Belgium costs money and it is therefore often wiser to only take out a loan again once you have paid off all the loans. To prevent you from undergoing a BKR test or from being registered with BKR again, how can you quickly borrow 200 US dollars in Belgium . You could of course do that via the internet and then borrow money online, but you can also contact a Belgian lender by telephone. In the Netherlands we like control and the government is very fond of keeping an eye on everything. So if you do not want an extra check on your BKR registration , you can of course take out a mini loan in Belgium .

The Belgians Have Interesting Conditions Borrowing Money (online)

In addition to the fact that you do not get a BKR registration, there are also some more attractive conditions linked to borrowing money in Belgium. If the possibilities you have in the Netherlands are not enough for you, you can of course go to Belgium for this. It may be that the interest you have to pay on the loan taken out is somewhat lower than a similar loan in the Netherlands. In addition, the payment can often be spread a bit more easily at a bank in Belgium. In any case, be well informed.

Of course the standard questions are discussed. Such as the income that you receive monthly and what your current financial situation is, but also questions about your family and household will be asked. That way, the lender gets a little more insight and more information about the person they are going to borrow money from.

The most important question will undoubtedly be: "Why do you want to take out a loan in Belgium?"

It is of course an understandable question. There are a lot of ways to get money in the Netherlands. For example, you can borrow money online or borrow money privately. You can state as a reason that you do not want a BKR registration or that you find the conditions of the loan that you want to take out with this lender more attractive.

Which Belgian lenders can you go to?

Just like in the Netherlands, Belgium also has a wide range of lenders. For example, you can borrow money online in Belgium or simply visit a bank for a loan. There are various providers that you could possibly turn to. Some examples of how you can quickly borrow 200 US dollars in Belgium are:


There are of course more providers of mini-loan in Belgium and this is just a selection from the selection on our website .