Calculate your loan online with a loan simulation

If you want to take out a loan, it is important to calculate how much money you can borrow. In addition, it is also important to calculate what your (monthly) expenses will be. It is important for both you and the lender that you borrow money in a responsible manner and therefore do not borrow too much money. Incidentally, there are different types of loan. A number of well-known loan forms are the personal credit, the mortgage loan and the car loan. Incidentally, when taking out a loan, you must take into account the distinction between the variable interest and the fixed interest. Of course, borrowing with a fixed interest offers more security, because with a variable interest you do not know how the interest will develop. Because there are several lenders active in the Netherlands, it is wise to request different quotes. This way you can be sure that you are not paying too much for your loan. It is also very easy to calculate the maximum amount of the loan with the different lenders.

It is important to properly calculate the monthly costs associated with the loan. Of course you do not want to get in trouble with paying off the loan and paying the interest. It is therefore important that you do not borrow too much. It is very easy to put on paper on your monthly income and expenses and on this basis determine how much you can pay monthly in repayment and interest. Also consider how much time you want to pay off the loan. For example, if you take out a loan with a repayment period of 20 years, you will be tied to the loan for a long time. The level of the interest often differs between the different lenders. Therefore also compare the interest rate between the different lenders.

Do you want to calculate a personal loan?

A personal loan is usually used for a specific purpose. This could be the purchase of a new kitchen, for example. You can calculate a number of things on the loan from these providers. For example, you can calculate the maximum amount of the personal loan. You can also calculate the installment amount. Did you know that many more things are important if you are going to purchase a personal loan. For example, in addition to calculating the loan that is most favorable in your case, it is also wise to look at things such as whether or not to cancel the residual debt in the event of death. Please read the terms and conditions of the lender carefully.

A car loan is a loan with which you can finance the purchase of a car.

A car loan is also called a car loan. If you are considering taking out a car loan, it is important to calculate what the monthly costs of the car loan are. With a car loan, the car itself usually serves as collateral. A car loan is very similar to a normal revolving credit. If you want to finance a car with a loan, you can also choose to take out a revolving credit.

Incidentally, do not go for the first lender. Then also carefully compare the conditions as well as the level of the interest. 1% interest rate difference on an annual basis is a big difference, especially if the loan concerns a large amount. Therefore, request quotes from various lenders. It is better to make a well-informed decision than to rush into an overpriced loan for your car.

Are you planning to take out a mortgage loan?

First calculate the maximum amount of the mortgage loan and the monthly mortgage costs associated with the mortgage loan. There are many different types of mortgage. This includes interest-only mortgage, credit mortgage, linear mortgage, annuity mortgage, investment mortgage, traditional life mortgage, savings mortgage and savings investment mortgage. These mortgage types are sometimes very different from each other, which is why it is important to perform a calculation for the mortgage type that you wish to use.

On the website of lenders you can make a clear calculation of a mortgage loan that you wish to take out. What is particularly important to mortgage lenders when calculating the amount of the mortgage are your and possibly your partner's wages. Any own money is also important when calculating the amount of the mortgage loan. It should also be noted that the amount that you can borrow with a mortgage loan can differ for the purchase of an existing home compared to the purchase of an existing home. You can usually get a higher mortgage for an existing home. This is because banks take into account double interest charges and other costs when financing new-build homes.

If you have clear what amount you want and can borrow, then you can be sure that you can bear the (monthly) costs without any problems. You can then decide to take out the loan for the loan.