Money in your account within 10 minutes with a Flash Credit!

Request a payday loan and after your request for payment, the money will be in your account within 10 minutes. Any amount between US $ 50 and US $ 750 is possible. Smooth acceptance and no check at BKR , complete online applications.

It's so easy to get money when you need it quickly. You really don't have to do much for that nowadays. If you want to borrow money quickly, all you have to do is turn on your PC and surf to this page . With us you will find an explanation of how it works and have you seen those large buttons that say “Apply now!”? It couldn't be easier, right?

It doesn't matter what you need money for. What you spend the Flash Credit on is entirely your own business. Do you need to buy that cell phone you've been looking forward to for ages? Or do you want to go out for a night and treat your friends? All of this is possible with a Flash Credit!

Your application for this credit is handled entirely online. You do not have to send anything by regular mail, you do not have to sign. Everything is done by email or SMS, it just depends on which of the two you find the easiest.

Your application for a Flash Credit will be immediately assessed by an employee. So it all doesn't take longer than necessary. And you can request a payment by SMS or email once your application has been approved. Thanks to electronic payments, the money is then directly in your account and you can therefore have it immediately. That paying out really does not take longer than 10 minutes. A solution for those who urgently need money!

The acceptance is also low-threshold because almost everyone can apply for one. Whether you are registered with the BKR is completely irrelevant. We also do not come to check outstanding invoices. In fact, maybe you need a Flash Loan to pay those outstanding bills? Either way, your reason for applying for a Flash Loan is your reason and you have to know that all for yourself.

All you need to apply for this loan is that you can identify yourself with a valid proof of identity and that you have a digital copy of your ID and proof of income, a statement of your bank account. Then you have everything you need to submit the application. If you also have a mobile phone so that you can send a text message at a normal rate with which you can request payment, you will have the amount you would like to borrow with a Flash Credit in no time at all !

Flash credits are easy

The application is handled completely online and assessed immediately. You do not have to leave the house to sign, but everything that is necessary for your application can be submitted by email. All you have to do is sit down at your PC, mobile phone or tablet computer and complete the application .

Flash loans are private

Everyone borrows money from time to time, but you don't want everyone to know that you're financially tight at the time, right? By applying for a Flash Credit, you do not have to knock on anyone's door and request money. It is a business transaction between you and the lender that no one else sees or hears about.