How can I borrow money quickly?

Today everything is expensive. Even a bread at the bakery costs us a nice US dollar, not to mention the electricity bill, water, clothes, petrol for the car and so on. At the end of the month, all these costs can weigh heavily on a family, so you may find yourself urgently looking for a little extra capital. This situation was also noticed by the financial world and it did not take long before some proposals were put on the table to bring new credits to the market. Nevertheless, you are by definition not immediately dependent on taking out a loan when you are having a hard time financially. We would like to list the most important options for borrowing money quickly in this article for you.

Request an advance on your wages

No form of borrowing, or is it? Opinions are divided, but an advance on your wages can offer a way out of a temporary financial dip. You simply go to your employer, explain that you are temporarily in financial difficulties and ask whether it is possible for that reason to receive an advance on your wages for next month. Although an employer is of course not obliged to allow this, asking can never hurt. Nevertheless, you should also take into account some incidentals here. Initially, the employer will never grant this just like that. A certain cost will be deducted because (part of) the wages are paid earlier than originally intended. In addition, you must also take into account that you have to do with a lot less income the following month. Therefore, always ask yourself first whether in this case you can still make ends meet with your wages or not. If you notice that that is not going to work, then of course asking for an advance on your wages makes no sense at all. After all, you cannot turn to your employer every month.

The payday loan

A well-known way to get money quickly is the so-called payday loan . Various variants of this credit have been marketed over the years, but we will ignore these in this article. With a payday loan, it means that it is possible to borrow a relatively small amount in the short term. What do we mean by relatively small? In theory it should be possible to take out a payday loan for an amount of up to about 750 US dollars. In practice, however, the maximum amount to be borrowed is in most cases 500 US dollars. When you apply for a payday loan and have gone through the application procedure, the requested amount can in certain cases already be in your account within 24 hours. This of course sounds great, but what is it now against all this beauty? A hefty price tag… The law may forbid charging usurious interest, but with a payday loan this has been solved simply by not charging interest, but a so-called entry fee. Hold on, the entry cost can sometimes amount to 20% of the loan amount! This means that if you borrow $ 500, you can pay back $ 600 within 30 days.

Borrow money without testing at the BKR

If you wish to take out a loan in the Netherlands, the financial institution in question is obliged to perform a so-called assessment at the BKR. If you have a negative coding at the BKR, it goes without saying that this does not immediately go to your advantage. Checking your encryption often takes more time than you'd like, but there's an easy way to get around it. For example, various lenders are not affiliated with the BKR and are therefore not obliged to perform this assessment. Consider, for example, energy suppliers or supermarkets. You can save a lot of time by knocking on these companies, but keep in mind that a credit also remains a credit with them and you must be able to repay it within the specified term.

Securities credit

When you have a portfolio of securities, it is quite easy, but above all very quickly possible to obtain a credit. You take your securities portfolio (virtually) to the bank, discuss the desired credit and the corresponding amount and that's it ... With a securities credit, no other guarantees are required than the securities themselves and also a check on the financial situation of the person in question is not necessary. Obviously, this saves a lot of time, while you can count on the security of a good credit from a reliable party.

Beware of impulsive decisions!

Just reading this article indicates that you are urgently looking for a certain sum of money. In all situations, you should try (however difficult that may be) to keep a cool head. Do not make impulsive decisions and please work with reliable parties. Finally, remember that a credit is never free and you will always be saddled with extra costs that you will have to pay back within the specified period, including the full loan amount.