Where to look for payday loans?

Financial problems reach their climax when the bailiff takes a salary, a bank account, and even other goods such as a car. If the debt is large, the bailiff will try to satisfy the creditor’s claim as soon as possible and will attach the maximum amount of remuneration, and this may be a long-term occupation.

Therefore, the best solution seems to be paying off the debt as soon as possible, even if the money to pay the bailiff would come from an external source of financing, i.e. a non-bank loan.

Small amounts of debt? There will be no problems

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Debtors don’t have it easy. Pending bailiff proceedings and unfavorable entries in the debtors’ registers are the most common reasons, apart from formal errors, for refusing a loan. The requirements of loan companies are lower than in the case of banks, but most often it concerns the amount of remuneration.

Non-bank institutions may also turn a blind eye to adverse entries in TLV, but the debt will already be a signal to them that the borrower may have a problem with repayment of a new loan.


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There are companies on the market that grant loans without KRK (this does not mean that they will not check this register). Such companies will approach the applicant struggling with bailiffs more flexibly and look at him in a holistic way. First of all – they will check the debt status.

If it is high, amounting to tens of thousands of zlotys, the borrower should rather get rid of the illusions that he will receive a positive decision.

What conditions must be met to get a loan?

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A loan institution, although it is able to extend a helping hand to a person with bailiff seizure, must itself guard its interests and reliably assess whether a borrower can repay the loan. Another lack of repayment in this case would be an inevitable loss of capital. Therefore, it will usually require something in return that will make the loan repayable.

First, the debtor must have stable employment. Everyone can get a leg and may fall into debt, but to get a loan he must have prospects for improving his situation. The lack of certainty as to future revenues (even those in the minimum amount) is, unfortunately, a cross-out of the chances that a loan will be obtained.