Loan for pensioners – are they granted on the same terms?



If you have found yourself in a group of pensioners who need to get quick cash for now, see under what conditions online payday loans are granted.

Are you a pensioner and need financial support? Installment loans and payday loans are not only granted to people who have an employment contract, but it also happens that some companies also allow money to be taken out by pensioners, pensioners or people who work under a civil law contract.

Loan for pensioners – who is it for?

Loan for pensioners - who is it for?

Pensioners are people who receive a special cash benefit that is paid out by the Social Insurance Institution. Persons receiving benefits may be both temporarily and permanently unable to perform work. Pensioners usually receive low benefits, because from March 1, 2018 it was noted that the lowest social pension was PLN 840.

Lenders usually grant loans of payday loans to people who receive regular monthly income to their bank account. If the loan company in its regulations provides for the need to show income, it must be fixed income, which we will be able to document and send to the lender for verification during the loan process payday loan online. Unfortunately, due to low income of pensioners, many banks reject applications for financial assistance. Non-bank companies are less restrictive, so before choosing a lender, it is worth getting acquainted with the offers of loan companies on the financial market in Poland.

Loans for pensioners

Loans for pensioners

Non-bank companies are more willing to grant loans to pensioners because the disability pension is in many cases also classified as a benefit that can be counted as an acceptable source of customer income. Each lender offer differs e.g. in interest, installments or the amount of the loan that we are able to obtain from the company. However, if a company decides to grant a loan to a person with only a pension, the proposed amount of the loan for the borrower will not be too high. As we mentioned earlier, pensioners will have very little chance of getting a loan from banks. On the other hand, non-bank companies have competitive offers compared to banks, because they are much cheaper than those proposed only a few years ago.

Payday loans can be obtained mainly via the Internet, by phone, at a branch of a company branch or at the client’s home. If we are older people who do not use a computer, we can confidently choose another way to get money without leaving home. In addition to filling out the loan form, the cheapest and fastest option will be to take out a loan via a telephone conversation with a non-bank consultant. You will need to have your own bank account, unless the company also offers the option of choosing money via a credit check, which we must collect in person at the outlet that we selected when submitting the application. When collecting the check, you will definitely need to have a valid ID with you.

Loans for pensioners online – installment loan or payday loan?

Loans for pensioners online - installment loan or payday loan?

Lenders providing installment loans and payday loans allow financial assistance to pensioners. You are probably wondering whether a better option is to choose an installment loan or quick payday loan online? If we decide on a higher loan amount, the installment will certainly be spread in such an amount that we will be able to settle the commitment. Installment loans are addressed to people who need a high loan amount. If we are interested in a low amount, it is worth using the services of companies that offer quick payday loans online. As new customers, we will have the chance to get the first free loan, where the borrower will be obliged to pay back the amount of money he has obtained from the lender.

Customer credit history

Customer credit history

The borrower’s decision will largely depend on the customer’s credit history. If the applicant has ever had any financial liability in the past and had a problem repaying the loan, their details may have been entered in the debtor’s register. All non-bank companies verify their borrowers in the bases of indebted persons before issuing a decision on granting a loan. Loan companies work with selected institutions that collect information on borrowers. People with a bad credit history are less likely to get a loan. Before taking a loan, each applicant can check whether his data appears in databases. Just go to the website of one of the selected companies and register your customer account. After completing the correct registration and logging into the account, each person can download a free report twice a year, in which they get information about their personal data. If we need to obtain such a report more than twice, it will be possible to download it for an additional fee. The price list of services is given on each page of the institution.

What will be the best choice for a pensioner?

What will be the best choice for a pensioner?

Depending on the customer’s preferences it will depend on what type of loan will be the best solution for him. If the applicant needs a high loan amount, surely installment loan companies will find a good deal for such a person. The payday loans are intended for people with smaller requirements. We will get a quick loan in 15 minutes today, because in most companies the loan process takes several minutes. Applying for a loan takes only 5 to 10 minutes. The decision to grant a loan will depend on the customer service hours. If we do everything within the given business hours of the company’s consultants, the money in the account may be on the same day. Of course, the time to get cash will also depend on the outgoing session of individual banks. Some loan companies provide bank transfer times on their website.