Loan by SMS


An SMS loan is one of the newest methods to get a quick loan. Learn the pros and cons and see the procedure for obtaining an SMS loan.

In order to attract new customers, loan companies tempt with various amenities. One of them is the option to take out a loan via SMS. Today smartphones are commonly used devices. The majority of Poles own cell phones, and many of them even have more than one phone. For this reason, lenders also offer the option of obtaining money by sending an SMS. This form of obtaining a loan seems very simple at first glance, but it does not always have to be this way. It is worth knowing how this is done in practice.

Loans by SMS – no new customer will gain

Loans by SMS - no new customer will gain

Unfortunately, SMS alone is not everything. Sending an SMS is not the only thing that will lead us to quickly receive additional money. In addition to sending an SMS with the appropriate content provided by the lender, we must first register on the website of the company providing the financial commitment. Only after doing this can we send a message by phone. This case shows that we still need to perform additional tasks by completing the form on the website, although theoretically we take out a loan via SMS. Instead, you can also come across a cash-obtaining procedure in which, after sending a text message, a conversation with the consultant takes place to complete the entire procedure. This form can be convenient for many people, but it’s difficult to talk about saving time. In both cases, if we are taking out a loan for a given company for the first time, it should not be expected that the entire activity will be completed very quickly.

The second sms loan is easier

The second sms loan is easier

The situation is different when we are a regular customer of the loan company, i.e. at least once we used the services of the lender offering the SMS service. We are already registered in its database and then sending a text message can be a faster solution. However, it is worth remembering that completing the online form will not take much longer than applying via SMS. When using the option of payday pay via SMS, we need to know exactly what to write, so if we are to save time, we must look at the previously saved SMS content and phone number, to which we will send it later. Each loan company has a different pattern for the content of a text message that will start the procedure for granting new cash. We specify the amount we are interested in and the time when we would like to pay back the debt.

Is an SMS loan available without certification?

Is an SMS loan available without certification?

An SMS loan without certificates is a product that can be obtained upon presentation of the identity card itself of the previously selected non-bank company. We can obtain SMS loans without any unnecessary formalities. This means that the borrower will not have to send additional documents, e.g. a documented source of income, or confirmation of earnings issued by the current employer. This form of loan is associated with obtaining quick financial assistance in which we receive money into our own hands. SMS loan is available to people who meet the relevant requirements set by non-bank companies for a potential customer. To receive financial assistance, you must be an adult with a valid ID. SMS loan is the perfect solution for people who want to get money quickly. It is addressed mainly to regular customers of non-bank companies.

Online form is still the most popular

Online form is still the most popular

The most popular form of applying for both quick payday loans and long-term loans remains the submission of an online application. Filling out the online form is very easy and does not take much time.

Any computer user should be able to handle online application without any problem. The online form on the website is a solution that will allow you to get an additional injection of cash in a quick and convenient way. We also don’t have to worry about remembering the SMS content. Money is sent to a bank account or goes to us via a credit check, which allows cash to be withdrawn at any post office. As the advantages and disadvantages described above show, the option of receiving a loan via SMS is an additional service and still seems to be underdeveloped.

Other important factors

When choosing a lender, whether a company offers the option of taking an SMS loan should not be a decisive criterion. Possible time savings, even if they occur, will be negligible. The most important determinant of online loans or payday loans are the speed of cash receipt and the financial conditions offered by the company whose services we want to use. The key issues are the amount we will eventually have to pay back and the time for which payday pay is given. Being able to take out a loan by sending a text message may be of interest to regular loan company customers, but even in this case it should not be decisive when making decisions. The conditions of the contract and the costs are the most important. Additional amenities should never obscure the most important elements of the offer we are considering.

Advantages and disadvantages

Summarizing the most important advantages and disadvantages of SMS loans, let’s take a look:


– efficient loan application process

– reasoning from anywhere in the world

– without completing many formalities again

– fast money transfer

– automation of the process


– convenient only for re-clients of a given company

– only for phone owners

– you should know what special content to enter in the SMS

– saving time only for new customers

When asked if it is worth applying for a loan via SMS, everyone should answer for themselves. As we mentioned earlier, an additional way to apply for a loan should not be crucial when choosing a specific offer. We hope that after reading this article, making decisions will be much easier.